Huatulco Port Guide

Docking at Huatulco Port is one way to take advantage of the beautiful beaches, sparkling blue waters and perfect climate. This hot spot in Mexico presents nine various bays, unique scenery, and lots of amusing activities that are ideal for both families and couples. With merely 40 rainy days every year, it is unlikely cruise ship vacationers will experience a terrible day of climate after pulling in at Santa Cruz Bay. Don’t forget to bring your flip flops and swimwear as you go to this place. After all, Huatulco is known as one of the resort areas in Mexico that offers enough sand and sun. But, you might be more fascinated with watching the birds, ocean fun facilities and snorkeling in Huatulco.


If you are fascinated with fun souvenirs, beach attire and locally crafted pottery, you should go to La Crucecita. This is a huge market place that supplies to both the tourists and the locals. One specific shop that is very much recommended is the El Museo de las Artesanias. In this store, you can find lots of Oaxacan crafts. The store specializes in embroidered textiles, leather goods and masks.

Another ideal location to shop is the Santa Cruz Market. In this store, you can find a good selection of silver jewelry, Mexican goods, countless souvenirs and clothing. The Mercado de Artesanias will surely keep your schedule hectic and busy for browsing the locally made accessories, attire and baskets.

Things to See

The Bahias de Huatulco National Park is one of the vital attractions in Huatulco. It is situated in Santa Maria Huatulco and can be found on the west portion of Santa Cruz. It has more than 29 acres which are perfect for exploration. Vacationers can expect to see 9000 various plant species in the middle of the peaceful forest background. You can witness 701 species of birds, 264 species of mammals and 470 species of reptiles.

To be connected with the country side of Huatulco, be sure to explore San Agustin Bay. Don’t forget your camera so you can get some snapshots of this calm village environment. With merely 100 locals, this small community has no running water or electricity.

If you want to do some bird watching, you can check out the Botazoo. Botazoo is an archaeological spot that is located 10 miles from the south portion of Tangolunda Bay. Idyllically, you might want to go out early in the morning as sunrise is the perfect time to have a glance at various types of local birds.  

Restaurants and Bars   

L'Echalote is one restaurant that you should not fail to visit during your vacation in Huatulco. It is located in Calle Zapoteco. This eatery specializes in Asian, Mexican and Prancis cuisines. Customers can enjoy different Brazilian, Latino and Middle Eastern tunes while eating here. 

When enjoying the nightlife in Huatulco, don’t forget to visit the Bar La Crema. With extraordinary pizza, a diverse crowd and disco tunes, you are guaranteed to have a great time. Looking for some cold draft, Irish coffee or cappuccino? Go to Café Dublin and find a variety of music and an excited crowd gathering in this local spot.

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