Isla de Providencia Port Guide

Isla de Providencia Port is situated sixty miles north of San Andres Island, 150 miles on the east portion of Nicaragua and around 400 miles on the northwest part of Cartagena. This small isolated island possesses spotless white sand beaches, sparkling clear water ideal for snorkeling, water sport and fishing as well as mountainous palm forests. A sightseeing tour around the Isla de Providencia cruise port will lead you from the hub of Santa Isabel to the small communities of Aguadulce, Agua Mansa, Casa Baja, La Montaña, Pueblo Viaje, Pueblo Libre, San Felipe and Cur Oeste through the single road that extends around the island. Isla de Providencia cruise port is an exemplar of a tiny narrow corner that lots of goodness has been preserved.


Isla de Providencia is a small island and can only be explored in a few hours by car. It is a resort town for the locals coming from the mainland Columbia. The island has a small shopping area that houses various stores. You can buy everything from attractive resort outfits, to watches and perfumes. All stores offer items with great style and good quality.

Things to See

Dive centers are abundant on Isla de Providencia port of call. You can rent mopeds and travel around the islands. There are a number of beaches equipped with beach bars. Also, there is a hotel area but it is different from the condos and hotels in areas such as Cancun and Costa Rica. It feels unspoiled and isolated and a lot of tourists love it.

The past of the island as a haven for pirates is very apparent. In fact the name Morgan prominently features in most geographical names- Morgan’s Head (a rock formation), Morgan’s opposite of head (appropriately termed Split Hill) and Morgan’s Channel. The Fuerte d La Libertad (ruins of Fort Warwick) on Santa Catalina contains cannon pointing at the harbor and can easily be reached by foot through a malecon.

Restaurants and Bars

The most preferred restaurant for many tourists is the Bamboo, which is located on the island of Santa Catalina. The costs of food is very reasonable and local foods are always delectable. Choose a table on a tiny pier facing the restaurant, where you can see the wonderful spectacles of the harbor and Isla de Providencia. This restaurant is one of the restaurants in the island where you can actually ask for a vegetarian dish.

If you are craving Italian cuisine, go to Il Postino, located in San Felipe. The restaurant is only open for 4 months each year. They specialize in pasta.

Aguadulce’s best restaurant is the Caribbean Place, also known as Donde Martin. There is a broad array of dishes being offered in this restaurant. There is also a range of beach front restaurants, which include Mr. Arturo and El Divino Nino. El Divino Nino is popular for its mixed plate- a huge dish includes conch, crab, fish and lobster at an inexpensive price.

In general, all of the finest restaurants (in terms of quality of food, worth for money or both) are independent establishments and not connected to the hotels. Many bars are located along the beaches.

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