Isla Partida Port Guide

Isla Partida Port resides in an island that is part of the municipality of La Paz, Mexico in the Baja California Sur area. Considered an area rich in natural resources, the Isla Partida is a region frequented by hundreds of cruise tourists every year. Isla Partida port of call is a reasonably well functioning port that serves local fishing boats and passenger boats that ferries cruise passengers and others from the nearby area of La Paz. 

Together with the island of Isla Espiritu Santo, they remain protected biospheres by the UNESCO. Typically, islands and areas placed under UNESCO protection are natural beauties and uncultivated lands that portray the heritage and lifestyle of the residents and its history. 

The Isla Partida cruise port is becoming increasingly recognized as an area that accommodates cruise lines; hoping to further promote the island as a tourist destination. Hence, the Isla Partida cruise terminal is committed to meeting the needs of tourists visiting this Mexican port of call. 


Aztec souvenirs are particularly popular on the island; the cultural woodcarvings with Aztec designs are the most in demand souvenirs on Isla Partida. The Island’s town market is the perfect place to find some very interesting and rare designs of woodwork. Significant statuettes of local temples and gods are sold at low prices and are the fastest to sell. Located in the heart of the island, the market presents an opportunity not only for tourists but also for local artisans to sell their wares. 

For a much broader selection of arts and crafts, you can visit the nearby main area of La Paz. Here, you can find the Antigua California that sells folk art from all over Mexico. The store opens from 9:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. from Mondays to Saturdays. 

Things to See

Considered to be a feast of natural history and culture, the island presents wildlife and landscapes that remain free from modernization. Frigate birds, pelicans and rare sky creatures are abundant in the skies of the island; this is perfect for bird watchers and nature lovers. An excellent activity is to take a hike along the beautiful mountainside to the top of the bluff called the El Embudo. The magnificent surrounding islands and pristine sea is breathtaking to behold.

In La Paz, just across from the island, you can also visit the Biblioca de las Californias. Open from Mondays to Fridays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., the museum displays historical documents and books that are comprehensive and distinct from other libraries in the country. During evenings, the Library shows international films; this is part of the museums main attraction. 

Restaurants and Bars

Hot and spicy is often the distinct flavors presented by Mexican dishes. Doritos and quesadillas are often the pride of the locals as they make them unique and rather tasty. The Ensenada Grande, an anchorage area of Isla Partida, presents a restaurant that offers good Mexican dishes. Tequila drinks also form part of the menu. 

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