La Paz Port Guide

The La Paz Port in Mexico has become widely popular because of its lovely beach scenery and sunny beach weather. With its notable heritage, La Paz provides travelers and tourists the chance to feel colonial atmosphere at its best. The place is also a great shopping, dining, recreation, nightlife and souvenir destination.


La Paz offers an array of shopping facilities that tourists would surely enjoy. Taxis are available upon the arrival of vacationers in the Puerto de Pichilingue. The 10-mile travel is worth the trip; there are many downtown stores in El Centro that offer valuable finds. Aside from this, El Centro offers numerous shops to find the best brand names in fashion.

Art also has a place in El Centro. Thanks to its wide selections of craft stores, guests can pick out hard-to-find and one of kind artworks. Guests should also take advantage of the stores lined up at along Malecon. With its offering of exotic items, their products are the perfect gifts for loved ones.

Things to See

Foremost, La Paz is the must-see places for beach lovers. Once travelers dock, they can easily enjoy the beauty of the beaches in Balandra and Coromul. Those who are after peaceful beach trips should opt to go with Balanadra while those that want to be more expedient should stay in Coromul as it is a lot near to the port area.

Strolling along the beach is also made heavenly in La Paz. It has the famous Seaside Walk where tourists can take advantage of delectable cuisine and must-see shops. The area is also the best way to relax and wait for the sunset.

Communing with nature is possible in the surrounding areas of La Paz. Being a mountainous region, La Paz is home to a wide variety of floral and fauna. The area has been noted for its mountain lions, foxes, dessert mule deer, coyotes and kangaroo rats.

Restaurants and Bars

The Malecon is a nice boardwalk that has an abundance of open air shops and restaurants lining it. You will have an ample selection of Mexican fare including fresh tortillas. There are food stands offering famous frankfurters and chocolate clams to have while strolling.

Restaurants such as Bizmark II provide a lot of sumptuous dishes such the chiles rellenos stuffed with lobster salad. With food that ranges from an affordable $4 to $17, Bizmark II is truly the place to be in and is open daily from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Tequila’s Bar & Grill, on the other hand, provides visitors a lot of nightlife. This diverse place has been popular for its activities, live music and lively parties.  Conveniently located one block away from Malecon, the Tequila’s Bar & Grill offer unforgettable night life. Both Mexican locals and tourists enjoy a taste of the La Paz nightlife.

Guests and travelers should also note that La Paz is famous for its Sea of Cortez seafood. A La Paz trip would not be complete without a taste of La Paz’s popular lobster.

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