Loreto Port Guide

Located in the first-ever Spanish settlement on the Baja California Peninsula, Loreto Port has developed from a small fishing community to a significant tourist destination for Mexico. Loreto is a town founded in 1697 by Spanish Jesuit missionaries who colonized the area. In 1752, the establishment of Mision Nuestra Senora de Loreto led the town to be the capital of the province of Las Californias until transferred to Monterey in 1777.

The Loreto cruise port progressed from a small port to one of the main travel destinations in Mexico. The warm weather all year-round entices tourist to grab an opportunity to discover the wonders of this small town; making it an enjoyable ports of call for cruise ships.

Upon leaving the Loreto cruise terminal, activities such as hiking, sunbathing and swimming immediately present themselves to tourists in the form of sandy beaches.


Loreto is known for its quaint serene landscapes and surroundings that speak of an unhurried pace. Immediately found in the Loreto port of call, are several small stores that sell local crafted wooden souvenirs and items. The modern malls and stores cannot be found in the town. Instead, open-air markets and simple quaint makeshift houses built as stores and shops are to be found.

The cobbled streets and alleys are perfect for strolling and shopping. One of the few well-known markets in Loreto found in the Casa de la Abuela; it offers tourists a unique setting for shopping. This building of brick and adobe materials existed for several centuries. The store itself is home to small boutiques and stores that sell items that range from locally woven rugs to hand-sewn clothing.

A good shopping excursion would not be complete without a visit to the Silver Desert; this houses several small vendors that sell silver jewelries. These shops sell genuine silver jewelry with at least .925 or .95 percent pure silver as required by local laws. This prevents the selling of fake silver jewelry (which would discourage tourists from coming back).

A shopping spree in Loreto will also not be complete without a visit to El Alacran and Colibri.


Things to See

A Mexican vacation will not be the complete if you do not visit the town’s main attraction; the beaches. Surfing, swimming and kayaking are only some activities that you can do on the pristine and beautiful blue waters of the beaches of Loreto. One of the prime beaches to visit is Nopolo Beach. Several resorts and shopping stores have sprung up in this area over these past few years. A great view of the Sierra de la Giganta mountain range adds spice to the magnificent surroundings of the beach.

Another beach to visit would be the Juncalito Beach found just 14 miles away from the main city of Loreto. Surrounded by coves and palm trees, the beach is the perfect setting for some rest and relaxation. Just minutes away from the beachfront is an RV camping ground perfect for overnight camping and relaxing.

Other main beaches to visit would be the Agua Verde, The Ensanada Blanca and San Bruno.

Restaurants and Bars

Traditional flavors of Mexican cuisine preserved by many restaurants found in Loreto preserve the heritage and culture of the town for visitors and locals alike. Cruise tourists, once presented with real Mexican dishes, avoid fat rich fast food chains in the U.S. Dining brought to its best in Loreto is something to remember. The Café Ole is one of these restaurants that serve authentic Mexican cuisine. The carne asada and menudo dish of the restaurant demonstrates their commitment to maintaining the authenticity of Mexican food.    

Other restaurnats are the Camino Real Loreto's Guaycura Restaurant, El Oasis Restaurant and the El Canipole.


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