Puerto Limon Port Guide

The Puerto Limon Port is a port found in Limon, a port city located north of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca and southeast of San Jose. Situated along the Costa Rican Caribbean coast, Puerto Limon Port is the country’s most important gateway to the Caribbean, North America, and Europe. Although the port city is not very large nor is it overly commercialized, discerning cruise passengers will have no trouble finding the alluring attractions in and around the port.


Cruise ships dock at a pier right in downtown Limon, which is situated at a suitable distance from most places in town. The port is capable of accommodating large ships and it is sheltered on the side by a sand bar. Although the Puerto Limon Port is primarily a commercial port for Costa Rica’s sea trade, cruise passengers will find an open air cruise reception center at the harbor to welcome them.


The nearest airport to Puerto Limon is Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose, located 6.5 kilometers from the city. Puerto Limon also has a domestic airport with regular daily flights offered by Nature Air.


The city has no large shopping centers, but an excellent crafts market is found right within the vicinity of the Puerto Limon cruise port. Here visitors can find souvenir items and craft products at reasonable prizes. Some of the most sought after craft products found in the market include traditional souvenir products, silver jewelry, leather goods, and wood items and carvings. Cashew wine and cashew nuts are two other best-seller products in the crafts market.


An open air market is also found by following the pedestrian streets from the port into the town. The shops that are mostly found here sell products that cater to the local population. For other souvenir shopping, visitors can head to the Puerto Limon shopping district, a small road that goes up and around the city. Along both sides of the street are crafts and souvenir shops that sell many other craft items.

Things to See

One of the best things to do when visiting Puerto Limon Port is to walk around the city and get a feel of the land. Puerto Limon is the capital of Afro-Caribbean culture in Costa Rica. The residents are mostly of Caribbean descent and they have their own dialect. One of the best ways to observe the city is to visit the Parque Vargas that is found at the end of the town or the crafts market where visitors can watch local artisans create their crafts.


Visitors wishing to spend their stay at Puerto Limon Port can head to Playa Bonita Beach, which is suitably located just 2.5 miles from downtown Limon. The beach features a restaurant and a bar, as well as a small shopping center.


An excursion to the Tortuguero Canal is an excellent way to enjoy the local wildlife and the coastal scenes. Some of the extraordinary wildlife visitors can see during the excursion include different water plants, birds of varying species, cayman, bats, and even sloths. The canal links several rivers and runs parallel to the coastline north of Puerto Limon to the Nicaraguan border. For more active visitors, a white water raft ride on the Reventazon River is just ideal.


The Rain Forest Ariel Tramway is a frequented tourist attraction at the Puerto Limon Port.  The tram ride takes its riders over the Braulio Carrillo National Park where visitors can have a spectacular view of the forest’s flora, birds, and wildlife.  Alternatively, visitors who would want a more active way to experience the rainforest can try the Wild Monkey Canopy Ride offered at the Almonds and Coral Lodge.


A few kilometers outside the city are the beaches of Manzanillo and Puerto Viejo, where visitors can find restaurants and bars on long stretches of sandy beaches. 

Bars and Restaurants

Puerto Limon’s multi-ethnic setting has contributed to the diverse dining options in the city. Visitors can have their choice of Chinese food, Caribbean cuisine, and international dishes. Many of Puerto Limon’s restaurant are found 3 to 4 blocks from the mercado municipal, about 985 feet  west of the beach.


The Soda Black Star Line is a quiet, pleasant eatery that is rather popular with families, students, and businessmen. The restaurant serves traditional Caribbean dishes like casados, rice and beans, bistec de bochinche, and sopa de mondongo.


Soda La Estrella Restaurante Internacional is one of the many Chinese restaurants found in the city. It sits next to the Hotel Internacional and is popular for its chow mein, chop suey, and meat entrees.


Nightlife at the Puerto Limon Port is lively and exciting, especially during the carnival in mid-October. The Ninja’s Bar, located on the north side of the cathedral, is a lively nightclub that features a greenhouse entrance, 3 bars, and upbeat music, and roofed-in stalls for people who want privacy. Discoteca Aquarius is a dance club found on the top level of Hotel Acón thump reggae and salsa music all throughout the wee hours of the morning.


Lively and exotic as the rainforest that surrounds it, the Puerto Limon Port is surely a must stop for a visit to the Caribbean.



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