Puerto Morelos Port Guide

Puerto Morelos Port has breezy shores, the sky is almost always azure blue and the humidity on this tropical shore is relatively low. The rather Bohemian and easy going port is home to artisans, sportsmen, marine biologists, Mayan fisher folk, entrepreneurs and retirees from all over the globe.

The port town boasts condominiums and guest houses but it still is a very peaceful neighborhood. The tradition for fishing is very much alive in the Puerto Morelos port of call and along with that is this laid back port’s boom in terms of tourism. Puerto Morelos is where the regular port hopper will find a slower pace of living at lower prices.


The Puerto Morelos port of call is a very small village. There are not many shops –not ideal for the retail-happy. There are however a few shops in the town square where one can purchase Mexican woolen blankets and other local products. The prices in this sleepy town are much lower than in Cancun and apart from that, most shops accept dollars – so no more problems of looking for money changer chains.

The main grocery store in the port town is rather old but its charm is undeniable. There are hand craft markets as well where cruisers can purchase Mayan and Mexican artisan works. There is supermarket in the village as well and it offers a large variety of snacks, sunscreen, stamps, postcards, and more. There is a pharmacy as well so if there is a need to buy mosquito repellants or meds, cruisers can go straight to the pharmacy. Getting there won’t be a problem, just ask the locals for directions. At the pharmacy, calling cards are also sold, so if you want to call home, you can use the phone outside the pharmacy.

The Centro Maya, a mall in Playa del Carmen is the next best thing for those who really want to shop vigorously. TVs, food, towels, beach chairs, umbrellas and even cars are sold in Centro Maya.

Things to See

The Crococun Zoo is a place to see but the mosquitoes may pose to be a big problem so get enough bug spray for the whole family.

The Parque Nacional Arrecife is a hidden natural beauty. The place is not commercialized at all which is fantastic for those who do not want to be hobnobbing with too many people. When going there for a swim, be prepared to experience swimming as though you are in an aquarium; the fish will amaze you.

There are a lot of places to visit in Puerto Morelos Port, the best way to cover all these places is to get a map in the city’s bookstore.

Restaurants and Bars

Puerto Morelos offers a wide range of culinary delights –from Mexican food to fast food to international fare. For those who love lobster and fish, go straight to La Marina. This restaurant has a great view of the Caribbean and offers myriad of seafood dishes. La Marina is open from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening.

For those who want to wine and dine outdoors, enjoy a perfect evening at Giaconda Bar Lounge. Cruisers can have cocktails and pizzas outdoors while listening to Blues or Mexican music. The ambiance in this place is magnificent so upon arriving at the Puerto Morelos port of call, be sure to go for a slice of pizza or a martini at the Giaconda.

Taninos is another restaurant in Puerto Morelos that will surely delight food lovers. The restaurant offers a variety of Baguettes, a selection of wines and salads. Located near the main park, Taninos is the best place to grab a bite when really feeling hungry.

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