Puerto Quepos Port Guide

Puerto Quepos Port in Quepos, Costa Rica was named after the Quepoa tribe who inhabited the place before the Spanish occupation. Enslavement, warfare and European diseases caused the decline of the tribe and by the nineteenth century, full-blooded Quepas were no longer found. Later on, Quepos was colonized by farmers from the highlands and the Puerto Quepos port of call prospered with its banana export. In more recent decades, the area switched to planting African oil palms because the banana trees caught a certain disease –making it impossible for farmers and settlers in Quepos to export any more bananas.

Occasionally, cruisers dock at the Puerto Quepos port of call and this has been one of the main activities that boost this Costa Rican economy. Draped in rainforests, this tropical city is a very inviting tourist destination; especially for those who love marine life, nature and cosmopolitan living.


The Puerto Quepos cruise port has 6 blocks of bars, shops, hotels, restaurants and galleries. For those who love to shop, this lovely shopping strip will be your piece of heaven when in Puerto Quepos. The shops are festive-looking and it incorporates the sleepiness of a beach town mixed with Costa Rican culture.

Things to See

A visit to Puerto Quepos is not complete without going to Manual Antonio National Park. It lies just a few minutes South of Quepos. The Manuel Antonio National Park is the smallest of Costa Rican national parks but the place is rich in wildlife and stunningly beautiful beaches. This place is a must-see and every port hopper should not fail to go to the said National Park.

Eco-tours are famous in this Costa Rican city. Aside from water sports, the port also boasts beautiful resorts frequented by the rich and famous.

Restaurants and Bars

Most of the restaurants in Puerto Quepos serve seafood. They are always fresh and tasty. Most of the eateries in the Puerto Quepos port of call are small so if you want to experience fine dining, you can go south of the port and visit Manuel Antonio restaurants.

The Anaconda Restaurant for example offers fresh seafood and fruit dishes. They also serve international eats in the midst of the jungle and the ocean. The ambiance is what takes the cake at the Anaconda.

Kapi Kapi which means Welcome in Maleku Indian is a beautiful restaurant south of the Puerto Quepos port of call. This restaurant is manned by Chef Darren Remy who has created a delectable menu to entice the palate of many a port hopper. The international selection is a good change for the usual Costa Rican cuisine found in most Puerto Quepos restaurants. For cruisers who want to try this restaurant, take the road from Puerto Quepos to the beach.

For those craving for a good old barbecue go to La Cantina BBQ; a rather casual eatery that serves seafood, steaks, ribs, and chicken cooked in an open wood fire. The cantina is open from 5 in the afternoon to 11 at night.

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