Puerto Quetzal Port Guide

Puerto Quetzal Port is a gateway to the inland attractions of Guatemala. It is the first multi-purpose port in Guatemala. It is situated on the Pacific Ocean, southwestern coast of Guatemala, northwest of El Salvador border and about 5 kilometer distance east of Port of San Jose in Guatemala. It has a climate that is divided along sectored lines with tropical climate along the border and cooler and more temperate in the inland.

Guatemala’s pride is the city of Antigua. Though it is a few hours drive from the port of Puerto Quetzal but it would be worth a visit because of the sceneries and the activities that await you.


Most shopping opportunities are located at Antigua and Guatemala City but there are shopping stops scheduled on tours with variation of qualities and selection. You can find special Mayan textiles where “back weaving” techniques are used as a symbol of their community. You will find attractive belts, skirts, blouses and blankets. There are also handicraft items such as woven purses and bags, blankets, rugs and many more. Shops are all over the place and you are likely to find various Guatemalan souvenir items that are worth bringing home.

Things to See

Puerto Quetzal’s best activity is sightseeing by boat. The port’s cruise ship terminal is an important gateway to interior waterways of Guatemala in addition to serving the Pacific coast. Tourists can go on sailing and fishing adventure in area of called Marina Pez Vela within the larger terminal.

Monterrico Nature Reserve & Hawaii National Park (Biotopo Monterrico-Hawaii) located in the neighboring city of Monterrico. It is a wild life area designed to protect mangroves and sea turtles; particularly ridley and leatherback turtles. The preserve features a turtle hatchling release program. Other creatures that are abundant here include iguanas, ant-eaters, armadillos and alligators. You can also find a nice beach in Monterrico.

Another neighborhood city with major attractions is Retalhuleu. Visit the Museum of Archeology and Ethnology also known as Museo de Arqueologia y Etnologia featuring historical museum, Western hemisphere native art, artifacts and archeological exhibit, museum. Visit the Xocomil Waterpark known as Acuatico Xocomil featuring children’s swimming & water activities.

Restaurants and Bars

A combination of Spanish, European and Indian cuisine is the essence of Guatemalan cooking. When you visit Puerto Quetzal, you will learn some tips and recommendation about cooking. Guatemalans are expert when it comes to making coffee. Their coffee is one of the remarkable coffees in world history. All restaurants have these to offer and you be assured of experiencing the taste of unique Guatemalan coffee.

Step inside 7 Caldos del Mar which is also popularly known as Seven Soups of the Sea. It is an elegant restaurant with sumptuous selection of seafood dishes and meat that you will love. They also have a bar that serves excellent Cuba Libre with the popular Zacapa Centenario rum of Guatemala.

Do not miss trying the “hot bananas”. These are the uniquely prepared spicy bananas with chili and chocolate sauce.

You can also try "chicken pepian”. This is a prepared chicken cooked in a pumpkin and it goes together with spicy sauce of sesame seed. Finally, taste the “red snapper with cashews”. This is a specialty seafood dish that is offered in the restaurants within the area.

The unique dining experience will be worth remembering and you will definitely enjoy the specialties that only Guatemala can offer.

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