Puerto Vallarta Port Guide

The Puerto Vallarta Port is the second most visited port, next to Cancun, Mexico. Like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta is a resort town, made obvious by the English speaking personnel that are easy to be found, along with English menus at all the restaurants. Since the town depends primarily on tourism, you will be made to feel comfortable and at home as you go about your exploration of one of the most alluring destinations in Mexico.

As you may have guessed, it is summer time year round in at the Puerto Vallarta port of call, with the highs ranging from the low 80’s to the low 90’s. The hottest period is typically August through mid October.


For the best in clothing Paradise Plaza has two great shops. One is D’ Paola, which carries formal dresses and casual cotton resort wear. Right next door you’ll find Ruly’s Boutique. They have a great selection of choice men’s clothing designed on site by the owner.

Paradise Plaza is your normal shopping mall having just about everything including internet cafés and banks. They also have a large food court as well as a grocery store, and of course a number of coffee shops.

Things to Do

While the ocean here may not be as clear as the Caribbean, the wonderfully warm water draws in a remarkable selection of marine life, including sharks and rays. They can be found at some of the deeper pinnacles and around some of the caves. Many of the resorts here offer a crash course in scuba diving and there are plenty of beginner sights to dive at.

There are also several good spots for advanced divers. If you’re not a diver you can still see an amazing array of fish in six feet of water. Much of what one sees while diving is found within the first thirty feet, so snorkelers will not feel like they have missed anything by not diving.

If you’re not a diver or snorkeler it doesn’t mean you will be bored at the the Puerto Vallarta cruise port. There are ATV tours, golfing and mountain biking. For those brave souls out there, you have got to try the canopy tours. This is the newest rage for the adrenaline junkie of the family, who will relish zipping along the tree tops, suspended a hundred feet above the ground.

Restaurants and Bars

Outdoorsy Puerto Vallarta switches gear after nightfall when beach goers have had a chance to get indoors and get rested. At night visitors frequent a variety of spots near port from martini lounges to rooftop bars.

For those watching their budget try La Ola Rica. Co-owner and chef Gloria Honan manages to take simple foods and turn them into a dish to die for. It’s popular among the locals who come for their coconut shrimp and lemon chicken.

Blanco y Negro is a great place to sit and have drinks with friends. The coffee bar is rustic yet comfortable and the music is a great mix of Latin music from legends like Silvio Rodriguez.

Azul96 is one of Puerto Vallarta’s trendiest night spots. The rooftop bar is a great way to sip their specialty: martinis to die for.

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