San Juan del Sur Port Guide

San Juan del Sur Port is located in a bay near the Pacific Ocean that’s shaped like a horseshoe. San Juan del Sur was one of the largest shipping ports in Nicaragua from the 1940s until the late 1990s.  

The small town of San Juan del Sur in Northwest Nicaragua is recognized as the country’s only ideal beach town and is one of the most accommodating towns in Nicaragua. It was just a small fishing village until 1851 when the California Gold Rush made it a part of a travel route created to ease the journey between the US west and east coasts.

San Juan del Sur is a great travel destination offering a combination of local customs and tourist facilities.


Arts and crafts are sold by the locals. They have colorful paintings, hand-carved wood products and much more.

In the town’s center is San Juan del Sur market where you can find a lot of stalls that offer local meat, fruits, vegetables and other prepared food. Also in the market are stores that sell sandals, clothes and household goods. There are also stalls that offer to fix shoes and bags. It operates Monday through Saturday, closing around 4pm.

Most shops in this little town are meant for local needs. There is not much to find for tourists.

Things to See

There isn’t much to see and do in the town itself. The town is covered attractive with vibrantly colored houses. There are several remote beaches where the surf and the rock formations are marvelous. You can also travel around Ometepe Island, located in Lake Nicaragua if you have more time. You’ll find cloud forests, coffee plantations and the twin volcanoes there. If you’re here between the months of July and December, you may see turtles returning to the Refugio de Vida Silvestre La Flor (turtle refuge) to lay eggs. Just outside the town is a remarkable Petroglyth (ancient monument). The Iglesia San Juan Bautista church is also a great place to visit while in town. Playa Marsella is a breathtaking beach with excellent snorkeling.

Restaurants and Bars

There are a few local Nicaraguan restaurants that serve Nicaraguan beans, rice and chicken. Preferred restaurants can be found by the Beach Front Rod or Avenida de la Bahia. While watching the beautiful sun set, you can order fresh chicken, seafood, beef, Nica Libres and cold beer.

The restaurant El Timon can be found on the beach front road at the bottom of the town’s entrance road. Josseline’s is situated in front of the Casa Marina condominiums found on Avenida de la Bahia’s south end. El Buen Gusto is in front of Hotel Estacion and Hotel Estrella which is on the beach front road. For cheaper options, the market in the town’s center is open for breakfast and lunch. Several food stalls inside offer Nicaraguan food.

When in town, don’t miss dinner from any of the two “Chicken Ladies” who sell food in front of their houses. There is one that can be found on the market street to the east and the other one is at the southwest of the church and central park. They offer newly grilled chicken and meat. Chicken Ladies are only open for dinner.

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