Topolobampo Port Guide

Topolobampo Port serves the town of Topolobampo in Mexico, located in the state of Sinaloa. The Topolobampo port of call connects the northern Mexican towns via the Chihuahua Pacific Railroad near Los Mochis. The town’s economy is dependent upon its neighboring town of Los Mochis, located in the Valle Del Fuerte area. This area is Mexico’s principal agricultural region. Climate in the area is desert-like, summer temperatures can go up to 80°F.

One popular comment about the town is that of the “Cinderella without a fairy godmother”; It may look as though there’s nothing to explore in Topolobampo but the neighboring Los Mochis town has a lot to offer. You can take a bus or taxi to get there.


The Plaza Fiestas Las Palmas in Los Mochis is a shopping center selling various goods for tourists and locals alike. Here you will find fabrics, clothes, handcrafted items, household wares and jewelry. Other indoor shopping malls include the Plaza Galerias, Plaza Encuentro and the Plaza Campanario.

Local Indians in Los Mochis also are popular for their ixtle weavings made from agave and yucca plants. These weavings are perfect for souvenirs along with pot wares and baskets.

You can also look for the bule, a pumpkin-shaped fruit with an elongated end and wide base. After going through a preservation process, they are decorated using paints and etching tools.

Things to See

A 30-minute drive from Topolobampo is the Maviri Beach where most of the people hang out during weekends. Bird watching is a popular activity in the area. You can see and take a photo of scissor birds, pelicans and cranes.

The Sinaloa Park and Botanical Garden covers 35 acres of land and houses different plant species from all over the world. It is located near the Los Mochis Golf Club and the Sugar Mill.

To get an excellent view of the valley, you can climb the Memorial Hill, also known as La Pergola. The Espinoza Culture House at the bottom of the hill displays pre-Hispanic antiques and artifacts.

Sea lions, seals and hundreds of bird species can be spotted in Farallon Island, 20 miles from the Topolobampo cruise port.

Another must-visit attraction is the Mansion of Don Diego, an old iconic building that has been a witness to Topolobampo’s history and culture.  

Restaurants and Bars

Sinaloan cuisine is famous for its flavorful dishes like the chilorio, mochomo, camarones, pescado ahumado and empanadas de fruta.

The El Maviri Restaurant in Maviri Beach is best known for their Pescado Zarandeado, where the fish is split in half and grilled, served with steamed rice and a variety of Mexican vegetables.

One popular dining destination in Los Mochis is El Farallon, an upscale restaurant specializing in seafood dishes. You should try their Mignon de Camaron, similar to that of filet mignon, where the fish is replaced with shrimps.

The Espana Restaurante serves steaks, shellfish and the Valencian paella. Located inside the Plaza Inn Hotel is Mr. Owen’s Restaurant and Bar, considered as serving the best international cuisine in Los Mochis.


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