Tortuga Island Port Guide

One of the favorite destination points for many excursion boats to Costa Rica is Tortuga Island Port. It is a beautiful and immaculate tropical isle with rich turquoise water and white sand beaches lined with coconuts. Travelers enjoy seeing dolphins, birds, porpoises, sea turtles, and lots of other wildlife during the cruise.


The island has wet and dry seasons. The temperature average ranges from 70 to 81; essentially summer and winter never occurs in Isla Tortuga. Despite the narrow temperature range, it is not recommended to visit from March to May due to the warmer temperature and high humidity.


Aside from enjoying the beautiful scenery of the island, tourists can participate in various activities; hiking, snorkeling, swimming, volleyball or sleeping under the sun are popular. Spyaks or glass bottom boats, water-bicycles, pedal and oar boats, and kayaks can be an added for fun. Travelers can spend a whole day on this uninhabited; it is a preserved island to be maintained as a paradise for every visitor. A number of vacation deals are offered by various cruises as a package to visit Tortuga Island.


Since Tortuga Island is an isolated place, shopping is not a major activity in the island. You can do your shopping in one of the places in the Gulf of Nicoya which is the base point of your trip.

Things to See

Aside from the immaculate white beach and turquoise water in Tortuga Island, you can also visit the Tortuguero National Park located on the northeastern side of Costa Rica along the Caribbean. It is known as one of the rainiest parts of the world. People from other places visit the park’s shore to see hawksbill turtles and sea turtles laying their eggs in the black sand beaches. Other types of turtles such as loggerheads and leatherbacks can be also be seen on this shore. 


You will also have the opportunity to view other islands before reaching Isla Tortuga.

Restaurant and Bars

Lunch and other meals are served buffet style from your particular cruise; these will be included in your tour package and served to you amidst the wonderful views of Tortuga Island. All food will be prepared on the island (except salads). It is critical that not even one single item of trash remains on the island as the cruise party leaves. Drinks such as piña colada and other tropical varieties are usually included in tour packages to Tortuga Island. Moreover, if you will stay at one of the hotels in the Gulf of Nicoya, it is likely that it will have a restaurant and bar to accommodate your post cruise needs. It is interesting to note that most hotels in the Gulf of Nicoya have  collaborated with cruise tours; they provide the meals offered on the boats.


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