Zihuatanejo Port Guide

Zihuatanejo Port is located in the fourth biggest city in Mexico, specifically in the state of Guerrero. The city denotes a “place of women” because of its history of matriarchal authority. You will have a lot to see in the city and will enjoy sight-seeing because of the abundantly available transportation in the area. You can choose from renting a car, riding public buses or riding taxis to get from one tourist destination to another. Your trip will be enjoyable due to the interesting and diverse community to be found.


Take your pick of artwork from the galleries of Zihuatanejo. Local work can be seen downtown specifically at the Cihuatlan Galeria. You can also appreciate the best of the city's handmade furniture and pottery work by Mexicans living in the mountainous side of the country.  You can also shop for art  at the Iluminado la Vida.

If you love cigars, visit the Don Francisco’s Cigar Selection. You can also go to Tequila Por Favor for local cigars.

For jewelry, visit Abel and Julia to get attractive sterling silver jewelry.

Things to See

Within the hotel zone, you will see the Magic World Aquatic. Your family will enjoy this water park with the various swimming pools, waterslides and pirate ship. For an appreciation of dolphin intelligence, visit the Delfiniti Ixtapa.

If you enjoy strolling, proceed along the Parque Adventura for a thrilling tour of trees, foot bridges, and zip lines (a canopy tour on cables and pulleys letting you zip from tree top to another).

You can also do some yoga activities on La Ropa Beach or do some beach scooter and bicycle fun in the area. You can also choose to do some horseback riding in the Barra de Potosi. If you want more of water adventure, try kayaking, sailing, or water skiing and parasailing activities in the beach. You will surely have fun.

Restaurants and Bars

You can try the Beccofino for Italian Riviera recipes. This is located in the Marina Ixtapa waterfront. If you have cravings for Chinese food, go to the Mi Chayito which also serves Mexican specialties. For a taste of Thai and Indian food, visit the Pangea restaurant and enjoy their food selection.

For the authentic Mexican taste, visit El Arbolito. You will enjoy their seafood dishes especially the ceviche which is chemically cooked with citrus juices. For a typical Mexican favorite, tacos are a hot and spicy food that is sure to challenge your taste buds. For tacos, go to El Mango and have a full taco dining experience.

You can also try the Zihua Blue Restaurant and Grill which serves both Thai and French food. They also offer Mexican food. Zihua Blue Restaurant has  a dance floor and a video bar. The restaurant offers complete dining and entertainment experience in one place.

Christine’s is a good place to get a drink. You can also spend the night dancing with locals and tourists. This is an unwinding experience that you will definitely miss when you leave Zihuatanejo.

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