Antarctic Peninsula Port Guide

Antarctic Peninsula Port is located in Antarctica's northernmost tip; it is located directly across from South America’s tip and is situated between the Weddell Sea on the east and Bellingshausen Sea on the west. The peninsula is detached from the Islands of South Shetland and bounded by Bransfield Strait on the north. The west coast is indented by Marguerite Bay. The highest spot on the peninsula is Mount Jackson which has a height of up to 13,745 feet.

Tour operators guide travelers through the impressive scenery of Antarctic Peninsula during southern summertime, but most of the scientific headquarters consider this as an environmental danger and a distraction to their scientific studies. The vast islands and moving ice shelves nearby the coast makes navigation tough. However, travelers are so keen to see the unique wonders of the Antarctic Peninsula that cruise trips continue to make this journey.


The only shop that you will see is in Port Lockroy. This port is located close to the angle of the magnificent Antarctic Peninsula and adjacent to Drake Passage. This is formerly a military base but is now a museum with shops and a post office. They sell T-shirts, badges and some souvenirs of Antarctic Peninsula.

Things to See

Prepare to see penguins, ice, sea lions, leopard seals, flocks of albatross and many other types of birds. These are among the first amazing things visitors will see on a visit to Aitcho Bay and Discovery Island along the Antarctic Peninsula.

Visitors will explore the beauty of Waterboat Point and Cuverville Island and see massive land features. From the waters, visitors will notice cliffs of ice and rock and a harsh terrain. It is common for visitors to feel so small when as they approach the huge glaciers. Leopard seals hunting for penguins are a common sight.

Travelers may also have an experience of swimming in Antarctica; i.e. in the hot springs of Deception Island. This is a volcanic island, and the earth’s thermal movement warms the cold water just beneath the surface.

Other beautiful places to visit include the Pleneau Island, Paulet Island, Port Lockroy and Neko Bay. You will never forget the views of penguins, leopard seals basking in the sunshine and large glassy waves pounding the  cy shores.






Restaurants and Bars


Although there are restaurants and bars in the research stations within the Antarctic Circle (especially in McMurdo base), people should realize that “in Antarctica your ship is also your restaurant”. This is a common saying due to the fact that most cruise lines going to Antarctic Peninsula offer superb meals which are included to the price of the cruise.  Fine cuisine and fantastic view contributes to the popularity of cruises to this environmentally hostile area.


Within the area, there are no major restaurants but there may be small eateries where you can try some local dishes.

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