Cairo Port Guide

Cairo Port is located near the Capital City of Egypt which is approximately 100 miles to the south; the port is along the Mediterranean coast and is near Alexandria City. In the mid-nineteenth century, Cairo was established as a fishing settlement; later it became a well known summer resort for rich people living in the city.

The Port of Cairo is a gateway to Egypt’s magnificent and distinctive architectural structures that draw tourists from all over the world. The Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza are among the most well known; there are also grand mosques and other architectural masterpieces designed during ancient Egyptian times.

Cairo has a long settlement history that predates its establishment in the tenth century; early Egypt had various capitals prior to Cairo including Memphis and Fustat. Visitors cruising along the Nile River will pass Cairo as the port of entry.

In the South East toward Mokatam hills visitors will find the City of the Dead. The buildings are one story houses, with doors and windows. These are the mausoleums. It is a huge cemetery with thousands of mausoleums. Nowadays, the poor people have started living in these buildings and the city has eventually put in water and electricity so they can live comfortably. People who live there are mostly the caretakers of these mausoleums.


Belly dancing costumes, traditional robes usually known as galabeyas worn by Egyptians, carpets, semi-precious stones, perfumes, spices, alabaster, stationery, brass and copper, as well as silver cartouche and gold in hieroglyphic symbol pendants can be found in the maze alley of Khan. Some fake and original papyrus items are also sold in the bazaar; take necessary precautions as the prices suddenly surge up for tourists. You should bid half of the asking price to pay reasonably.

Things to See

Cairo is full of iconic ancient monuments. You will see the Sphinx with its god-like king head and body of a lion guarding the Pyramids. It took 20 years for 100,000 men to build this structure. Visitors can tour the City of the Dead (now also a shelter for poor people residing in that huge city), the Egyptian Museum (exhibiting the fascinating solid gold and jewel encrusted death mask of King Tut), and the Citadel (a fortress built to protect the city from crusaders) and many more attractions in Cairo. The Citadel contains a palace, mosques and museums.

The Sultan Mosque, Al Rifai mosque, Cairo Tower, and the Tahrir Square are also noteworthy places to visit in this city.

Restaurants and Bars

Food is cheap and can be found everywhere in Cairo. Enjoy kebabs, roast pigeon, chickpeas or humus, and bean dishes in good restaurants. Alcohol is available in good restaurants and bars; even if it is a Muslim country.

Spices, herbs, garlic, vegetables, and lemon are common in the local cuisine. Visitors must be careful not to drink tap water because it is not safe to drink.

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