Guernsey Port Guide

Guernsey Port, located in the English Channel near Normandy, is a British Crown territory and is composed of two sub-ports. The sub-ports are namely the St. Sampson and St. Peter Port. The Guernsey islands are defended by the United Kingdom but are governed by a separate entity under the British crown. The Bailiwick of Guernsey Islands is part of the European Union and part of the collective group of islands known as the Channel Islands. 


The Harbor Authority acts as the Guernsey Registrar of British Ships that passes by the area. In some sense, the port also acts as a lighthouse for ships and vessels passing the coasts of the Channel Islands. 


Opportunities for shopping are excellent in Guernsey. Choices of items sold priced at low amounts are because shops and stores in Guernsey do not charge any value added taxes. Thus, most items cost lower than those sold in the British mainland. The center of shopping in Guernsey is in St. Peter Port where numerous branded stores like Burton, Marks and Spencer and Warehouse locate themselves. Another area in St. Peter that abounds with stores and shops is along the central High Street. Directly across the harbor, you can find items and trinkets that are good for souvenirs and gifts. 

Antiques and gift ideas in the Guernsey Old Quarter Area are also good things to consider buying.  The Old Quarter Area is filled with fashion boutiques and jewelers that sell rare items and gifts. 

Things to See

Immediately viewed from the decks of the cruise ship are the sandy beaches and serene waters of the bay. These are enough to entice visitors to Guernsey for rest and relaxation. Bountiful attractions make Guernsey a major port of call for most cruise liners in the English Channel. A good start would be the Guernsey Aquarium located at La Vallette. On display are underwater attractions including landscaped marine tar and picturesque anemones. The Aquarium is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Mondays to Saturdays and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays. 

Other islands attractions are the Little Chapel on les Vauxbelets, German Navy Signals Headquarters and Lihou Island. 

Restaurants and Bars

An island country located in an area filled with fishing fleets as its main industry, it is no wonder that most local restaurants in Guernsey serve cuisines with seafood as its main ingredient. Spider crabs, squid and shellfish are items that fill the menus of restaurants and pubs in Guernsey. The Square Restaurant in Market Street and Crabby Jacks in Vazon Bay are dining facilities that specialize in seafood dishes. 

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