Cape Town Port Guide

Cape Town Port is part of a city rich in history. At Robben Island, for example, you can stand in the cell that once housed Nelson Mandela. You'll also be able to learn about social and political banishment of apartheid. The port is popular for its world famous White Shark Research Institute, which studies the toothy predators.

Climate at port is very similar to the West Coast of the United States, though the season's are reversed. The best weather months to visit the Cape Town cruise port are from mid November through mid April. Average temperature during those months are between 72 to 78. January and February are known to be the hottest months.


Cape Town is known for its great malls, which carry all the well known brands including Calvin Klein and Armani. As soon as you step off the ship you'll find yourself surrounded by street vendors selling all kinds of trinkets and handmade souvenirs. The malls near port really are a good choice, as they feature something for every traveler.

The waterfront market has a nice assortment of jewelry, rugs, glass and pottery, as well as a wellness center to get a massage.

If you're fond of the traditional African souvenirs, you'll want to check out Africa Nova and peruse their collection of modern art and collectibles.

Things to Do

If the idea of climbing a mountain excites you, you'll find a vibrant climbing community in Cape Town. Not only are there practice walls showcasing every level of difficulty, there are also natural rocks and mountains to climb as well. You should turn to Cape Town School of Mountaineering for its expert knowledge of the area's climbing, or for a guided day trip.

The diving in Cape Town features kelp forests, cold water corals, amazing reef life and a number of wrecks. For an unusual experience be sure to look into diving at the Two Oceans Aquarium. Dive classes are also offered for travelers looking to get certified.

Restaurants and Bars

Cape Town port of call offers a delightful selection of food from around the world. It boasts the widest selection of dining in all of Africa, and interestingly enough, the city was originally founded to grow food.

The eclectic menu has put Ginja in the upper echelons of South African cuisine. Try their Springbok Wellington with its caramelized red cabbage. The service is slick there. The only potential downside is the necessity of making a reservation a month in advance; it’s that good.

Chef Richard Carstens brings his famous experimental combinations of flavor and culinary wizardry to Manolo. Try their slow roasted duck with Turkish Delight for dessert. It is essential that you call ahead for reservations there as well.

Cape Town is full of life after dark. The city’s nightlife is scattered throughout but it is easy to get around since it's a small city. Walking around by yourself or with only one other person is not advised as you have to pass through some deserted areas to get to the next hip spot.

M Bar and Lounge, with its dark-wood paneling and hot red vinyl seats, has long been a trendy hot spot for the young and hip.



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