Coquimbo Port Guide

Coquimbo Port is located along the Pan-American Highway, in the Coquimbo region of Chile. This port has become one of the busiest in the country because it is an industrial and shipping center. It used to be a center for copper and gold until 1867 when the city’s Mayor Pedro Velasquez renewed urban life.


If you want to buy local handicrafts, there are two highly recommended shops; Iglesia de San Pedro or Pueblo Artesanal Amaru. You will find beautiful pieces of art and souvenir items in these shops.

The area’s island also has a mall where you can buy branded and local products. This is the La Elegante.

If you are staying for more than three days, you will find places to shop for food and dry goods in the supermarkets in Varela, the Deca or Justo Santa Isabel in Anibal Pinto and Lider at Av. Domeyko.

For your photography needs, you can go to the Fotografia Braun in Aldunte. You can have your pictures developed or you can pose for a studio picture with your friends or family.

For the more common and cost-effective products, you can walk along the main streets find local crafts that you can bring home.

Things to Do

If you are a water sports enthusiast, you should visit Punta de Choros. This place has an area for fishing, water sports and a tour to see the wildlife to see dolphins, sea otters and penguins. You can also visit the Caleta Chungungo and enjoy the serenity while you fish in this village.

For swimming and other water activities, visit La Serena and enjoy the white sands; get some beach wear and other swimming equipment at the beach shopping stalls.

If you want to appreciate Coquimbo history, schedule a visit to the Elqui Valley and Mamulluca Observatory or Isla Damas and Hacienda Los Andes. You should also go to the Humboldt Penguin National Reserve which is formed by three islands. This place is the home to a large number of penguins and interesting plants.

The islands also offer the best for hiking, climbing and biking. You will also find solace and adventure when you walk around the islands.

Restaurants and Bars

If you are a seafood lover, you should dine at Don Chuma. The restaurant is run by fishermen and offers excellent seafood for guests. Other special foods in their menu are crabs pie and seafood soup.

For the best of local cuisine, visit El Pionero and El Porteno. These restaurants are best for seafood empanadas, camarones al pil-pil, and other seafood dishes. You can also go to La Lobera and enjoy their seafood with great empanadas on the side.

There are plenty of restaurants in Coquimbo run by fishermen because of the rich seafood resources of the area. There are also restaurants in the La Elegante if you crave for your own local cuisine. You will also find international cuisine like Japanese, Asian, Korean, Continental, Mediterranean, Italian and among others.

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