Damascus Port Guide

Damascus Port is located in Damascus, the capital and largest city of Syria. It is known as one of the most historic cities in the world and one of the most sacred places in the world; it has many well known mosques, museums, shrines and chapels that reflect the history of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The Chapel of St. Paul can be seen here. The Port of Latakia is the main port of Syria and is nearest to Damascus.


Souq al-Hamidiyeh is the most popular place for shopping. This shopping bizarre is covered with a vaulted iron roof that filters the sun rays entering the market; some of the iron beams are riddled with bullet holes; a reminder of skirmishes under French rule. The structure was originally built in 1780. The shops in this marketplace offer items including handmade brocades, copper made products with silver and some leather works.

You can also enjoy good shopping days in the Alhamydya where you will find textiles and local crafts in different choices of colors and designs. For pastries and baked products, visitors will find the most delectable pastries after a long day of shopping at Semiramis.

Things to See

Damascus has unique and ancient building structures. One of these is the Omayyad Mosque. It is also called the Great Mosque of Damascus. A tip to this sacred building gives visitors a feeling of holiness and sanctity. It is believed that this place holds the tomb of Saladin as well as a shrine dedicated to John the Baptist; legend states that the head of John the Baptist is buried under the shrine. 

You can also visit the Tekkiye Mosque; it is a beautiful Turkish-style mosque built by Sulieman, the Magnificent. In the southern part of Damascus, you can visit the Shrine of Sayidda Zeinab; it is an Iranian-style, blue-tiled mosque that is dedicated to the granddaughter of Mohammed. The current building was built in 1990 on the location of the previous shrine. Many of the visitors to these sacred places are Shia Muslim pilgrims.

The National Museum is another place to see. It holds world-class archaeological and historical items collected several centuries ago. You will see various proofs and artifacts that support the Christian and Muslim religions.

Visitors will find the Chapel of St. Paul noteworthy; it has beautiful architecture with distinct and meticulous artwork.

Restaurants and Bars

If you want to have a fine dining experience, visit the Elissar. It is situated in an old and beautiful Damascene mansion. They serve Syrian mezze and kebabs and throw in a variety of western-style dishes. Wine and other alcoholic drinks are also served in this local favorite restaurant.

For another fine dining option, you can go to the Damascus Gate Rest and enjoy their Mediterranean dishes. They are included in the Guinness book of world records for having 6,000 people served at the same time.

The Four Seasons Hotel Damascus is also one of the most visited in the city for having a good restaurant and bar service.

For more reasonable meal options, you can go to Jabri House and enjoy their chicken and rice dishes.

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