Dar es Salaam Port Guide

The Dar es Salaam port is in Dar es Salaam, formerly Mzizima and the largest city in Tanzania. It is a 19th century fishing village established by the Sultan of Zanzibar and later turned into a bustling port and trading center. Dar es Salaam is well-known for its small houses. This keeps the colonial character largely intact and is a major tourist attraction. Dar es Salaam is home to colorful and stunning neighborhoods and beautiful sights. The port has an old world colonial look and feel accented by a colorful historical presence and a wide range of cultures.


The shopping options at Dar es Salaam are mainly restricted to the Dar es Salaam cruise port and souvenir shops. Apart from these, you can buy novelty items from street vendors. These vendors are ready to bargain and negotiate, and their goods are reasonably priced.

There is also the famous fish market. It is bustling and colorful. If you can stand the scent, the market is a great place to soak in the culture. If you are fond of art, you must go to the Tinga Tinga market to buy the Tinga Tinga style paintings, or you can ask a local artist to draw a portrait of yourself.

Things to See

There is a lot to see at Dar es Salaam. You can go to the Kigamboni South Beach by paying a small amount on a ferry. The small island provides rich natural beauty and flora to see. The Shaaban Robert Street is a great place to be for a nice walk. You will be able to witness the colonial architecture and local wildlife such as peacocks. The street also leads to the National Museum that contains some remarkable pieces of history. The Botanical Gardens at Dar es Salaam are a must visit due to their tropical beauty. The Nyerere Cultural Centre is also worth a look with regularly hosted music concerts and traditional dance performances. These are a treat to watch.

Restaurants and Bars

The local food and restaurant selection is limited in Dar es Salaam. The restaurants mainly specialize in Italian, Indian, Chinese and Thai foods. This is rather surprising, considering the rich heritage of the Dar es Salaam cruise terminal. One worthy mention is The Grill Events. It provides excellent Korean Cuisine along with the local Zambian T-Bone steak.

The nightlife options are varied and reflect the cultural heritage of the Dar es Salaam. You will be a part of several nightly events at bars like Arca di Noes. They host Roots Rockers Jazz Band and live music with the Roots Quartet, Live Music with Mambo Afrika, and the Inafrika band performs live as well. You can also attend the Jazz concert with the Maneno & Almasi Band in many local bars and restaurants.

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