Desroches Port Guide

One of the pearls in the Seychelles archipelago is the Desroches port. It is located in the eastern part of the island country, which comprises of about 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar. A strategic point for trading between Adrica and Asia, the archipelago has been inhabited by various peoples, each of them bringing their culture, habits and goods to the islands. There are several sub-groups into which the islands are divided. One of them, the Amirates group, was discovered by Vasco da Gama, consists of 29 coal islands and hosts the Desroches cruise terminal as an important tourist spot. There is no cell phone reception, which offers a chance to escape the routines of communication and simply enjoy a healthy climate in which tropical diseases do not exist. There are babysitters and medical personnel to take care of your children and their health.


There isn't much to shop for in the Desroches cruise port, as practically everything you need is provided to you by the resort. There are plenty of organized activities and more than 14km of unspoiled beaches to enjoy your privacy and relaxation. However, there is a Boutique Shop at your disposal, situated on the western shore of the island, where the main hotel area is.

Things to See

There are many facilities and activities on this small piece of land. From reading peacefully in the library with Internet access to scuba diving or practicing various sports in the Etensive Watersports Centre, there is always something to do. Relax in the spa center or organize a business meeting in the conference room. Move up to the "long" northern side of the island to take a look at all the Presidential and Luxury Beach villas, and reach an authentic Creole village located in the heart of the Desroche cruise port. Then, continue to the Aquarium and enjoy a spectacular program of species like you've never imagined.

On the easternmost point of the island, called Point Helene, you will find a lighthouse. Following the southern shore on the way back, there is the exotic Bombay Beach to take a rest on. Another important place to visit is the Island Conservation Society Research Centre, which conducts different projects, such as the Turtle conservation project and more. There are also cycling tours, a tennis court, specialized fishing, surfing, visits of the neighbouring islands and more. An interesting feature offered on the island is a special Wedding package.

Restaurant and Bars

There is not a wide variety of restaurants or bars on this calm island. However, there is one Restaurant, Pizzeria and "Takamaka bar," finely decorated in light, sand and pastel colours, dominated by natural wood. The cuisine is influenced by Indian, African, English and French traditions, using the exotic breadfruit, papayas, mangoes, limes and of course, plenty of fresh seafood.

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