Edfu Port Guide

Edfu Port, Egypt is located an industrial market for old pottery and sugar factories on the Nile River, between Aswan and Esnal It is sometimes referred to as Idfu and is located in the Luxor regions of the Nile River. It is also near ancient Nekhen. The name was derived from the ancient Egyptian, Coptic, Tbot and Atbo.

Edfu is the place where the ancient Egyptian god Horus supposedly fought in a battle with Set. According to legend, Horus, the god of sky took revenge for the murder of his father by killing Set, the god of Chaos who wanted to rule in the throne of Pharaoh.

Edfu is the site of an ancient cult established to worship Horus. It dates back to the period before the pharaoh dynasties were established; it is more than 3,000 years old.

Cruising in Edfu will be more complete if visitors include Esna, Luxor, Kom Ombo and Aswan.  The Aswan Museum and the Ruins of Abu are noteworthy. You can tour the town by taxi or you can enjoy ta ride in a horse drawn carriage or caritela.


There are no major shopping malls in the area. Visitors can go to the market and find local items for souvenirs. The famous market which is known for their best perfumes and spices is the Sharia in Aswan.

Things to See

Edfu Temple is one of the best and most well preserved temples in Egypt; the temple had been covered with sands for a long period of time. You can see over-sized carvings with many rooms, niches and alcoves. The walls from the outside are very impressive and you can see many king sized statues. Visitors can enjoy strolling around the grounds and viewing the king-size god figures fashioned around the main entrance.

The crocodile-headed god, Sobek, and the falcon-headed god, Horus, in the Kom Ombo temple, 18 miles north of Aswan on the bank of Nile are worth visiting. Full height ancient walls and mummified crocodiles are also visible in this temple.

Luxor is known throughout the world for its tombs and temples; it is a huge open air museum with the ruins of the ancient temple of Thebes. It was built by Amenophis III and was dedicated to Amun, the principal God of Thebes in the New Kingdom of Egypt. Many ancient treasures can be seen here.

Aswan has many sights to offer. This includes the Philae Temple. It is an island filled with flowers. You can also see the world's largest manmade lake and the Nubian Museum at Abu Simbel.

Restaurants and Bars

In the flea market you will enjoy the taste of kebab and some spicy cuisine but be warned that the some foods are not sanitarily prepared and the water is not potable in this area. There are not many restaurants but as you walk along the main streets, you will find small restaurants serving local cuisine


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