Fujairah Port Guide

Fujaira Port is located on the Gulf of Oman in the United Arab Emirates. This port is one of the busiest ports in the country because it is in the Middle East. The main produce and industry in the country are cement, stone crushing and mining but there are initiatives to develop the county for tourism.


If you are shopping for fruits and vegetables, go to the Masafi. You will find fresh imported fruits and vegetables in this place. In fact, you can bargain with the prices here as well.

If you want to shop for local goods, visit the Safeer and Lulus Supermarkets. There are a lot of locally made furniture, jewelry, computers, mobile phones and a lot more.

For more shopping experience, you will love to visit the Two Dirham Shopping. You will find inexpensive items such as toys and sweets.

There is also a shopping center where you can bargain. You should visit Fujairah Night Souq. There are approximately 5,000 products you can choose; including trendy boutiques, store chains and a lot more. This place also offers the best entertainment for the whole family. This place is open until the wee hours of the morning.

Things to See

If you want more fun and adventure in your stay in Fujairah, try water sports. You will love snorkeling, diving and fishing in Ludogatto. You will find many beautiful fishes in this place. You will also love to visit the sports complex, the Al Boom Diving.

One of the unique activities in Fujairah is the bullfight. Visitors have mixed opinions about seeing bullfighting; it is available 4:30 every afternoon. Bullfighting is a social event; you may have more fun if you bring friends as you witness this cultural event.

You will also love to visit the mountain range in Fujairah and the Canyon in the Hajjar Mountains. The mountains provide majestic views of the full range of mountain and canyons. The canyon is a good site for picture taking.

There are also other places worth seeing such as the Mangrove swamps, the old for at Dibnah, the old mosque at Badiyh and archeological digs in Masafi.

Restaurants and Bars

If you are looking for Indian cuisine in Fujairah, dine at Indian Restaurant. Indian Restaurant offers the best of the spicy Indian menu with perfect herbs.

For drinks and a great taste of Lebanon cuisine, visit the Sandy Beach Motel Restaurant. This place also gives you the best view of the beach.

Visitors can enjoy grilled style foods with a visit to this highly recommended restaurants; the Breeze Grill in Khor Kalba. Families often dine at this place.

If you want to taste more of the Lebanon cuisine, visit the Gulf Kitchen. The food is great in this place; especially when combined with their fresh juices.

Those looking for the best coffee and light meals or sandwiches should dine at Lulu Restaurant and Cafeteria. Guests experience the best coffee at this cafeteria.

You will also find dining areas in malls with a combination of local and international cuisines.

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