General San Martin Port Guide

General San Martin Port is named after the South American liberator General Jose de San and is located in Callao, Peru. Callao is the most important port city in the country. Located west of Lima, Peru and founded in 1537, the city has become a major port of commerce and trade for Peru. General San Martin Port of call has played an important role in the transportation of goods and produce from the neighboring countries of Bolivia and Argentina. These goods were transported from General San Martin to Panama by boat and then exported to regions around the globe. 


The General San Martin cruise port is a recent development in order to promote tourism for the region. The cruise port located at Contralmirante Raygada Avenue in the south of the Rimac River still has a dual function; it is also a commercial center that exports metals, minerals and fish. The General San Martin cruise terminal is fast improving it facilities to enhance its capabilities for handling cruise passengers. 


General San Martin Port has an abundance of shopping centers. Jewelry and handicrafts are the most sought after souvenirs and gift items by cruise passengers. Paintings and clothes come in second as choices for shoppers. Stalls and kiosks are immediately available when exiting the cruise terminal; these offer handicrafts and art paintings at low prices.

A trip to the nearby capital of Lima presents even more shopping options. The artisan market, Handicrafts Fair, sells rare designs of native products and jewelries. Handicrafts Fair is located at the Avenida de la Marina. Bargaining with vendors is an acceptable practice.  

Things to See

Since Callao is a coastal city, it offers a wide array of natural attractions for tourists. The beaches that surround the General San Martin port are one of the city’s main attractions. The Cantolao and the Figueredo Beach near the port offer swimming, surfing and boating opportunities. The Point Beaches at the La Punta offers breathtaking sights and untouched shorelines. The tourist beach is open 24 hours a day. 


One of the best attractions is the Port of Callao itself.  The port, rich in history, offers wonderful attractions such as the Fortaleza del Real Felipe Fortress and the islands of San Lorenzo.  The Fortaleza Fortress is a historical monument built in the early colonial period as a means of protection from foreign invaders.  San Lorenzo Islands offer boating and water sports activities such as parasailing and water-skiing. 


Restaurants and bars

Coastal influence denotes the significance of the culture and traditions of Callao.  Seafood dishes of fried squid, calamari, crab and mussels are menus served by restaurants in Callao.  A visit to the city’s “huariques” or small diners offers homemade cooking at its finest.  Peruvian families usually handle the management of these local diners. 


For more fine dining options the Daniel Nieto and the Jiron Miller Restaurants offers an ambiance filled with traditions and great food choices like ‘tiradito’, Peruvian ‘ceviche’ and the ‘what pariahuela mateo.” 

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