Giza Port Guide

Giza Port is located in Cairo, the third largest city of Egypt. Giza is one of the famous tourist spots in the world because of the gigantic man-made structures which are more popularly known as the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx. The oldest ones include the Pyramid of Khufu and Pyramid of Cheops built during the 2551 BC.  Port Alexandria is the main port going to Giza.


There are a number of tremendous shopping areas near Giza. Some of these include Kerdassa, a small village with many artisans. Here, visitors find items such as rugs, scarves and weavings. 

Another shopping area is the Wissa Wassef Art Centre located 2 miles from the Pyramids Road. It is an art center with a museum, some artisan workshops, and a salesroom. The items available for sale include batik fabrics, ceramic items, and tapestries.  

There are also some market places and bazaars in Cairo. You can go to the Khan-al-Khalili and find items such as glassware, ceramics, perfumes and spices, metal works, antiques and clothing; all at discounted prices.

For different flower essences, visit the Perfume Store and buy the perfume of your choice. You may also visit the souvenir shops near the pyramids which include plates with engraving, ceramics, miniatures pyramids, hookah pipes, Arab head-dress and more. You will also find convenience stores and fruit stands within the area.

Things to See

Visit one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World; the only surviving one and the most famous tourist spot in Egypt. This includes the Great Pyramid of Giza, Pyramid of Cheops, Khafre’s Pyramid and The Sphinx. You can tour around these huge man-made edifices and savor the tremendous history of this ancient area. You will also see the smaller pyramids where the wives of Khufu are buried. The Great Sphinx located near Khafre’s Pyramid is said to be Khafre’s royal portrait.

Travelers can also experience riding on a camel and enjoy a desert experience. For an entertaining night, you can witness the Light and Sound show at the Giza where you will enjoy the awesome backdrop of the Sphinx and the Pyramids.

Restaurants and Bars

The Mena House Oberoi in Giza is the most famous restaurant; you will experience the royalty treatment. They serve a superb selection of pasta dishes and their famous dessert; the bi-colored pannacotta.

If you are craving for kebabs, visit the Pyramids Restaurant near the exit of the Pyramid site. You can also visit Cafe 55 which is a block away from the entrance to the Great Sphinx. Here, you will enjoy eating while viewing the wonderful Pyramids. This buffet style cafe serves different kinds of foods which includes hummus, falafel, stewed beef, and great desserts.

Pizza Hut is also located in front of the sphinx and the pyramids. The location gives you a great view of the ancient structures. You can take pictures in this spot or on the restaurant's roof top for a better view.

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