Ilha Grande Port Guide

Ilha Grande Port is located in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. This island is not developed; the island is preserved. The island is best for nature activities such as hiking, fishing, water sports and a lot more. You will also find the richest Brazil Atlantic rainforests with many endangered species, plenty of tropical beaches, scenic vistas and beautiful landscapes.


Although you won’t find malls on this island, there are shops for produce and handicrafts made by the locals. One of the best places to go to is the Amazonia; it has five shops on the island. You can also go to Ole Ole which sells handicrafts and clothes.

For traditional handicrafts and t-shirts, shop at the 33 year old AMC to get your souvenir items. For more modern choices, go to the Patuanda in Buganville Commercial Center and you will find shoes, Hawaiian sandals or the so called “Havaianas” and various art items.

There are small shops near the port as well for you tofind unique local items that can be brought home as gifts.

Things to Do

For a good swim, you have many beach choices on Ilha Grande. You can go to Japariz, a yellow sand beach with bars that serve caipirinhas; this is the local drink. For fishing, swimming or snorkeling, try the waters of Lagoa Verde or at Lagoa Azul. There are also tour boats at this place if you want to see beautiful tropical fish up close.

Since this island has many rainforests, you will find many different animal species on the island. Be ready with your camera when you see Tamarins and Marmoset and other animals.

To relax and just enjoy the heat of the sun or dip in the crystal clear water, go to the Lopes Mendes Praia. There is  the added adventure of passing through a section of forest on your way to this beach.

Restaurants and Bars

Try Brazilian cuisine at the Canoas and see their bar made from a wooden canoe. This was meticulously designed to reflect local art. If you are a seafood lover, hop inside the Recreio de Praia and delight in shrimp and fresh fish dishes. Also, you will experience great service while you enjoy your food.

For a choice of local and international dishes, you can dine at the Gastronomy. You can also enjoy the view of the beach while you eat at the Abraao Beach.

For your nightlife dancing and fun requirements, try the entertainment offered Bar Do Tonny and choose from their selection of drinks to go with their best appetizer; calamari

There are restaurants specializing in different dishes. You can find Asian foods, specifically Japanese and Chinese foods and have a taste of their sushi and dimsum, respectively.

When you are in Ilha Grande, you will enjoy your stay, feel closer to nature and be full from all the food choices to satisfy your appetite.

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