Ilhabela Port Guide

The Ilhabela Port is situated in an archipelago in Sao Paulo in Brazil. Ilhabela Island is the largest among the islands and in also known as Sao Sebastiao Islands; the name was given in the year 1502, when it was discovered by Americo Vespucio. It started out as Sao Sebastiao then was changed to Formosa and then was ultimately named as Ilhabela. It is very popular as the capital of sailing in Brazil and receives more than 100,000 tourists every year.

Visitors will see that the island has been transformed to a park reserve with beaches and forests that have been preserved for exploration and adventure activities. On the other side, great dining places and busy nightlife spots for entertainment and leisure are found. Between these sides, there is a mountain range cut by waterfalls and small rivers.

Your stay in the Ilhabela port area and the island itself will be enjoyable as it offers shopping, dining and exciting adventures.


There are village stores in the island that are open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Buy different Brazilian products such as crafts, art work, shirts, souvenir items, beach wear, water activity tools and even small trinkets in the stalls on the west coast of the island. This is where local and international tourists head to when they want to have their bags full of Brazilian souvenirs to bring home.

Things to See

You will not experience the best that Ilhabela offers if you take a dip at one of its beaches with fine, red-toned sand. There are over 400 water courses traversing the island; you are sure to view beautiful waterfalls. See the Waterfall of Gato, Laje, Da Toca and Agua Branca and feel the different waterfall experience that each one offers. This is an island with 400 waterfalls.

Enjoy diving and wind surfing activities as you appreciate the beauty of its marine life. Enjoy surfing at the Castellanos Bay and be with the company of novice and expert surfers. You can also see dolphins as you enjoy your surfing activity.

With its mountainous ranges, you will find that the island is also ideal for rock climbing, trekking and cycling.

If you are looking for a historic tour, you can visit the do Bom Sucesso and Nossa Senora da Ajuda churches. You can also visit the Islas de las Cabras and see the remains of shipwrecks like Dentre Velasquez and Aymore.

You can also go on a camping tour within fishermen's residential area in the Trilla do Bonete Path.

After a long walk and exciting adventures, you can enjoy bathing under the sun or swimming in the beaches. You can choose from Itaguassu, Pereque, Jabaquara, Da Forme, Do Poco, Feiticeira, Do Curral and Bonete beaches.

Restaurants and Bars

The best dish that Ilhabela offers is made of fresh shrimp from Brazil. You will find these in all restaurants within the island, cooked and served in various ways. You will also be delighted with their fresh tuna specialty and other fresh fishes and other sea foods.

For other dining experiences and nightlife, you can visit the west side of the island and see the many different choices where local and international cuisines are served. A wide variety of wine and other alcoholic beverages are served as you dance or enjoy your meal.




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