Iquique Port Guide

Iquique Port is located in the city of Iquique, Chile. It has a very strategic location for trading with Asia; the city of Iquique is one of the fastest growing cities in Chile. Its geographical condition with its exceptional climate is conducive for people, whether local or visitors, to enjoy the shopping experience. Additionally, it has tax-free benefits for shoppers and businesses. This makes the city very attractive to investors establishing businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and stores.

Though tourism flourishes in this area, the culture remains intact. If you enjoy comfortable and affordable shopping and mall strolling, Iquique is the vacation dream for you.


The most famous shopping center in Iquique is ZOFRI. It is the largest free trade zone in South America with over 200 stores. They have 593 acres of storage for their products. You can find everything that you need here with prices that are suitable to most budgets because shopping is tax-free.

A mall with over 500 stores is also located near this giant shopping center. You will find almost anything you need either in the mall or the main shopping center. You can shop for specific brands of perfumes, cigarettes, domestic appliances, toys, electronic equipment, clothes or even simple and small souvenir items.

Things to See

Chile is known for its world-class and lovely beaches; it has one of the longest coastlines. You can jump into the fresh clear water of Playa Cavancha which is considered to be the most popular beach in Iquique. You can also enjoy surfing and other water activities.
You can also see the regional museum, known as the Museo Regional which has recreated a small size altiplano village with pre-Columbian keepsakes, fishing equipment and traditional Indian crafts and ceramics.

If you are a lover of history, you will enjoy being in the Nitrate Town. You can explore this place and see the exhibit of abandoned settlements. This was used to house sodium nitrate miners during the time when the mines supplied the world with this substance . Sta. Laura and Humberstone near Iquique are the most notable Towns of Nitrate.

Restaurants and Bars

Tercer Ojito is the most famous and most recommended restaurant in Iquique. It serves excellent food for vegetarians and great seafood and pasta meals and salads. You will also find the best natural juices of the best fruits in Chile from this restaurant.

Kiru is another beautiful restaurant which serves Peruvian cuisine and other interesting meals. You can also spend some time in the bar with a good selection of Chile wines and other alcoholic drinks. Enjoy the music as you spend your night in good and affordable entertainment.

Other recommended restaurants within Iquique are Wagon, Cioccolata, Antojos, Neptuno, Costa Brava Bar-Restaurant, Restaurante Don Rodrigo and La Pica Cavanchina. Step into any of these bars and restaurants and you will be delighted with the dishes served.

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