Isla Floreana Port Guide

Isla Floreana Port is located on the sixth largest island in the Galapagos Archipelago; the Isla Santa Maria. Isla Floreana, commonly called Isla Charles, is an island full of colorful history; it has been associated with pirates, whalers, buccaneers, convicts and colonists through the years. The Isla Floreana port of call was once a island prison for Ecuador. This tiny island is where Charles Darwin met the Galapagos viceroy; thus giving the island its name today.


The island has a quite a few souvenir shops that cater to the needs of tourists. A good place to get some of those souvenir items would be the Avenida Charles Darwin that is lined with tiny stores and tee shirt outlets. The Galeria Aywana is a good place to check out local art works located miles away from the Isla Floreana cruise terminal. For all your diving, snorkeling needs, you can check out Nauti Diving. They also offer dive trips and tours of the Galapagos Islands.

Things to See

Go to the Cormorant Point (Punta Cormorant) where you can witness two plant species that can only be found in this site. There are also flamingos and pintail ducks that you can see at this site. Take a dip and snorkel at the Champion Island where you can swim with parrot fish, groupers, spotted eagle rays, sea stars, chubs, white-tipped reef sharks, rainbow wrasse and so much more.

The Galapagos Islands’ first post office is also found in Isla Floreana. Just a walk away from Isla Floreana cruise port, the Post Office Bay is now a major tourist destination full of the island’s history. Thousand of ships have stopped to transact postal services at the Post Office Bay over the years; alot of people posted driftwood signs or other materials memorializing their visit. Local tradition obligated visitors to the deliver letters once left here to the various addresses at their future ports of call.

You can also head over to the Sand Flour Beach and stand in the waters while gentle sting rays feel your feet. These rays usually swim into the shallow waters; be sure to stand still and avoid panicking to avoid their stings. The Charles Darwin Research Center in the nearby town is also something that you won’t want to miss. This is a great place to learn more about the wildlife in the Galapagos including the world famous “Lonesome George” turtle; the last of its species.

Restaurants and Bars

In the nineteenth century, the Galapagos was famous for its giant tortoise’s cuisines. But now, the activity has already been banned due to the extinction of the species. Be sure to drop by Tintorera for a fresh eco friendly spin. The food café is famous for its bottomless cup of tea and organic Galapagos coffee. Most of their pastries are baked fresh. They usually grow their own organic produce; even cheeses are locally manufactured. Be sure to check out their Executive Lunch Menu if you want to grab some good lunch on the island.



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