Jeddah Port Guide

Jeddah Port or the Jeddah Islamic port is located in Saudi Arabia. This is one of the busiest ports in the country because it is the center of international shipping to both the east and the west. Jeddah Port is also the main docking station of ships carrying tourists who are going to Medina and Mecca.


The main shopping area is the Tahlia Street where visitors will find hind end brand items including Armani, Gucci, Zegna, Louis Vitton and DKNY. There is also a retailer for these leading brands at the Rubaiyat.

If you are shopping for bargains, it’s best to shop at the Jeddah Shopping Festival; an annual bargain is held from mid-June to end of July and as well as during Eid Al Fitr (the end of Ramadan).

Visitors who are looking to buy local and international produce should visit Sarawat Supermarket. This supermarket is one of the first shopping centers in Jeddah.

Products from London can be find at London at Hera’s at Avenue Mall.

If you are shopping with your family, go to Jiddah Mall. This mall does not accept single men during Ramadan.

Things to See

If you want see the history of Jeddah, visit the Nassif House. It was built in the 1870’s. This house was owned by the Nassif family; the most respected merchant family in Jeddah.

You should also visit the National Museum (King Abdul Aziz Palace). There are remnants here that came from Pre-Islamic age, Islamic Age and Saudi Arabia Kingdom. 

Visitors enjoy touring the Municipality Museum because it is made out of Red Sea corals; this place is more than 200 years old. It has a building that was used by British diplomats during World War I.

If you want adventure in the waters, go to Jeddah Corniche; this is the Red Sea coastal segment of Jeddah City. You can rent a boat for snorkeling, fishing, diving and a lot more. Visitors can also see the world’s highest fountain named after King Fahd. Jeddah Corniche has interesting shops including an art gallery that is open air. This place is famous for recreational and entertainment activies.

For an additional exciting experience, you should try to ride a camel. There are stations where you can rent a camel for less than $2; this would be fun for adventurous adults and kids.

Restaurants and Bars

If you want pork dishes, this is not the place to have it; however, Jeddah has many restaurants in the area which offers the best of both local and international cuisine.

If you want the best of shawarma (a sandwich staple in the Middle East made of various shaved meats including goat, turkey and beef) in Jeddah, go to Radhi Hilal. The shawarma come with fresh juices of your choice.

There is also Jamaican cuisine in Jeddah to be found at the Jamaican Grill Super Savers. One of their best offerings is the family buffet.

If you want pizza, dine at Angelico’s Pizzeria. For great deserts, dine at Pinkberry Dubai. Their menu has frozen yogurt, froyo, and food craze.








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