Jerusalem Port Guide

Jerusalem Port is located 37 miles from the eastern Mediterranean Sea. It is a holy city for three religions; Judaism, Islam and Christianity. The peace agreement after the Arab-Israeli War of 1948 left the city divided. Since the 1967 Six Day War, a united Jerusalem has been governed by Israel.

Jerusalem’s climate is Mediterranean; dry, hot summers and winters that are cool and wet. The typography is diverse and includes over 1,000 different types of vegetation, 70 different bird species and 150 different breeds of migratory fowl.

Aside from the amazing natural wonders, Jerusalem has many historical places; many of these are important religious sites to Jews, Muslims and Christians.


There are eight malls in Jerusalem right now and it is still growing in numbers. In fact, Israel is now third in the world when it comes to the ratio between mall space and population; just next to Sweden and United States. Security is very tight in Israel; shoppers may be asked to open bags for inspection upon entering a mall.

Malcha Mall, also popularly known as Kanyon Malcha or “the Kanyon," is where visitors can find chain stores with the top brand names. It has its unique features compared to other malls in that it has a ground floor that houses a synagogue. The mall also features free shows, crafts, arts, and activities for children during summer and holidays.

In the Arab Quarter of Jerusalem, visitors will be charmed with quaint streets lined with colorful clothing vendors. Visitors enjoy the strong, unique taste of the Arab coffee and sweet taste of halva; these make great souvenirs. Haggling is an acceptable practice in this section.

In the Jewish Quarter, prices are generally fixed; however, haggling may be possible for fine art and antiques. The roads are equally charming in this section of the city.

Things to See

There are many holy places to see in Jerusalem; especially in the old city. These are the Western Wall also known as the Wailing Wall or Kotel, the Dome of the Rock that is once the temple for the holy of holies, the Via Dolorosa which the path that Jesus walked while carrying the cross, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Garden Tomb and many more.

Outside the old city, visitors can see the Mount of Olives where Jesus Christ prayed. The Tower of David was built to fortify old Jerusalem’s defenses near the Jaffa gate. The tower complex includes an archeological garden where items dating back almost 3,000 years have been found.

Restaurants and Bars

Many restaurants and bars in Jerusalem create foods that only delight taste buds; they are feasts for the eyes as well. The combination of good tasting food and natural settings allows many restaurants to be magnificent places to hold gatherings.

You can go to the Seven Species Restaurant at Jerusalem botanical gardens where you can see swans passing by while you dine. You can also go to the Te'enim Restaurant known for its very nice view of the ancient wall while you eat.

Pera E Mela is known for its Italian cuisine while Tmol Shilshom Cafe-Bookshop is a place where you can read, write and eat at the same time. You can also try Faza. It is a dairy restaurant and Internet café where you can eat or just drink a cup of coffee while surfing the net.

For Iraqi Kurdi Cuisine, you can go to IMA. For shawarma or falafael, you can visit Moshiko and sip your favorite wine.

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