Khasab Port Guide

Khasab Port, Oman is located 300 miles away from the capital city of Muscat; it has been referred to as the “Norway of Arabia”, although the rugged peaks in this land are bare and rocky. Khasab is Musandam peninsula’s local capital.

In contrast to the stark beauty above the water, Musandam has an underwater world treasure. It is rich in the colorful marine life that is very inviting for fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving.

Overall, the breathtaking majestic mountains, untouched beaches and dry river beds (wadis) help visitors to unwind and relax. With all these features, Khasab is a place that will be hard to forget.


For your shopping spree, the city of Khasab has numerous modern shopping places. These are all located in the main streets. You can find every basic need but mostly, these shops feature imported Irani goods. Also, locally made potteries are available as the main item for souvenirs.

Things to See

The first thing that you will notice in Khasab is the picturesque fort in its bay. Next is the village of Lima, the beautiful Rawdah Bowl area, the lovely Seebi Island and the majestic Jebel Harim mountain, These are usually the must-see places for every visitor.

Visitors can explore the beauty of the Musandam Peninsula, located on the cliff of Arabia, and near Iran. This is the home Oman’s beautiful fjords; this area is directly across the Oman Gulf from Iran; it is so near to Iran that the port of Khasab used to smuggle American cigarettes into Iran via small speed boats in exchange for goats.

Hiking through the Hajar Mountains will give visitors an opportunity to see the impressive views of lovely valleys and mountains. As you descend, it is possible to see a beach isolated in the middle of mountains. If you are lucky you may also spot pods of dolphins which are alertly hunting in the waters.

Restaurants and Bars

Khasab is just a small town. You will find very few restaurants and bars in the center city. They are mostly Arabic and Indian restaurants. You can see that most of the time only single men eat in the restaurants. Women or their families are very rarely seen in restaurants. This is the old nature and tradition that is still present in the city of Khasab,

In Khasab downtown, Indian food is mostly served to the local people who are having their dinner in this place.

If you want to taste something else aside from Indian food, you can try the Middle Eastern Bashaer Khaab Restaurant that offers local Arabic and Chinese cuisine. Although this restaurant is run by Indians, they offer other varieties of food in addition to Indian cuisine. They also offer it at reasonable prices along with a good, friendly crew and excellent service. This is the reason why the restaurant is always filled up with customers. They have delicious Shwarmas, grilled prawns, Kebabs and juices.

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