Kom Ombo Port Guide

For those who love to visit places of ancient culture and history especially in cruises, Egypt is a country of adventure. Tourists who visit Egypt, to see the land of pyramids would not desire to miss the famous Kom Ombo Port town called the ‘City of Gold’ which is significant for its Kom Ombo temple. The temple of Kom Ombo dates back its period to 332 B.C. The Kom Ombo town is located 40kms north of Aswan (or 60kms south of Edfu) on banks of the River Nile. Usually if tourists are opting for the Nile River cruises then visiting Kom Ombo’s port would just be a day’s trip from Aswan. Nile River cruises start either from Aswan or Luxor and cover many ports such as Kom Ombo and Edfu.


Hawkers try to sell some of their handicraft and souvenirs. But it will be difficult to make which are good ones and which are not. Some of the wares they sell are:  belly dancing costumes, camel bones jewelry, towels with prints of King Tut’s, primitive writings or drawings printed sarongs, turquoise scarabs and galabiyyas.

Buying items made from papyrus is popular in this place. Yet one needs to go around a few shops to strike the best deals and find real good stuff. One can also find good shoes for a lesser price, say as less as $7 a pair.

Things to See

The major attraction of the Kom Ombo town is the temple of Kom Ombo which is located on top of a hill towards its western side. The temple is actually comprised of two temples – the temple of Sobek (crocodile headed god) and the temple of Haroeris or Horus the elder (falcon headed sky god). These temples also have along with them the sculptures of their families.  The temple is a vibrant illustration of Ptolemaic architecture. In the forecourt of the temple one can also find the remains of the crocodile mummies and their clay coffins. This temple is said to be a famous hospital of ancient Egypt where the first cataract surgery was conducted right in the temple hall. The walls exhibit inscription of some of surgical tools, bone saw and dental instruments. There is also a huge well with a staircase right into it and it said to be connected to worshipping of crocodiles.

Apart from the famous temple, one would like to have a quick visit to the town for shopping and also the felucca boat rides which tourists in general enjoy. The habitats of Kom Ombo are mostly native Egyptians and Nubians (people who were relocated from Nubia with the advent of Lake Nasser). Agriculture is the main occupation of the people, where sugarcane and corn being the main produce. Near the Kom Ombo port there is a large sugar factory and the temple Haroeris and Sodek is only a few stairs up the dock.

Restaurants and Bars

It is better that tourists who travel by cruise return to their boats for lunch or dinner or opt for some standard food stalls for food. Some of the great recipes served at the cruises are: lentil soup, hummous, spaghetti, babaganoush, mousaka and the baklava.


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