La Digue Port Guide

La Digue Port allows visitors to be easily introduced to the scenic beauty that makes up the Seychelles. Visitors will be impressed at the unspoiled nature of this African island. Two major centers are located on the island, La Passe and La Reunion. At the La Digue port of call, passengers are tendered ashore from the ship. You can easily walk to all points of the island if you so choose. The only forms of transportation available are bikes, oxcarts and minivans. The currency used is the Seychelles rupee, with the best exchange rate being found at ATMs. The official language is Creole, with English and French being spoken.


Most of the La Digue stores near the La Digue cruise terminal are dedicated to bicycle and ox cart rentals.You'll find several vendors selling souvenir items at the docks. As you pass through the island, you'll find fresh produce stalls. This is a good way to sample delicious local fruit and vegetables.

Several small stores are found throughout the island, offering a limited selection of general merchandise. There is a large supermarket called Gregoire's that offers food and some other types of merchandise as well.

Things to See

The island's main attraction is its beach, L'Anse Source D'Argent. The beach is sandy, with picturesque palm trees and pink granite rocks dotting the coastline. If you're looking for a sense of getting away from it all, this is the way to do it.

The majority of the island is surrounded by a beautiful coral reef. This is a sight you'll want to see. The best way to admire the beauty of the coral reef is to do some snorkeling. Visitors with scuba diving experience can arrange a dive with Azzurra Pro Dive in Anse Reunion. The diving instructors can help you find some of the best diving spots to see beautiful underwater scenery.

If you like animals, particularly birds, you're in for a special treat on this island. The Veuve Nature Reserve is home to the rare Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher. You can see these beautiful birds living in their natural tropical forest habitat.

You'll find several walking and hiking trails, mostly in the southern part of the island. Union Estate Park lets you see the L'Union Estate, where an old plantation house still stands. You'll want to see the tortoises kept here.The nearby granite boulders are impressive structures you'll want to photograph. Don't forget Bell Vue, which has a genuinely breathtaking sea view.

Restaurants and Bars

La Digue has some good restaurants worth your consideration. These are all fairly close to the La Digue cruise port. The Veuve Restaurant specializes in Creole cuisine using fine local produce. A breakfast buffet is offered each morning, and international menu selections are available. The Pool Restaurant features fresh fish caught off the coast. For pizza or pasta, stop by Pizzeria at Gregoire's.

Hotel bars are the most popular places to drink. You can also visit the Casino Fun Park or Tarosa for drinks and entertainment.


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