Lome Port Guide

Lome Port is a major gateway to the nation of Togo. The small West African country has had a varied history that has included colonizing by both the Germans and the French. Togo enjoys a warm climate perfect for sightseeing all year. Visitors can easily walk into town from the Lome cruise terminal. Taxis are also fairly easy to find around the city. The official language of Togo is French, and this is what you're most likely to hear spoken in public areas. Overall, Lome is considered a nice place to visit.


Grand Marche is the main city market, and it offers 3 stories of vendors and products. Spices and local food can be found on the ground floor. If you're looking for cloth, you'll find it on the second floor. The third floor is where you'll find beads and local jewelry, including bracelets. This floor also has a section of imported products. There's a voodoo-oriented market at Akodessewa, about 5 miles from the Lome cruise port. The most popular items in the voodoo market are the figurines. Vendors also sell special pouches with amulets to tourists for good luck or protection.

Things to See

You'll want to visit the National Museum while in the Lome port of call. Make sure you'll have a couple of hours to devote to the museum, since there are a lot of things to see. If you're interested in the colonial period of Lome's history, be sure to visit the Pasteur Library and Goethe Cultural Center.

The German Cathedral is a beautiful example of colonial architecture. It has a similar design to many churches found in Germany, and the artwork reflects its German heritage. It features beautiful wall paintings, and the pews are carved. Lome also has a noteworthy mosque to see near the port. It features beautiful white stone and 2 minarets.

Restaurants and Bars

Ethnic cuisine is popular in Lome, and you'll find several great restaurants. Visitors who have little time to devote to dining can easily buy food from street vendors. Large plates of pate or rice can be inexpensively purchased.

The Galion is a nice hotel restaurant with an assortment of steaks and salads. The Marox Grill serves German schnitzels with plenty of fries. Alt Munchen is a smaller German restaurant specializing in Munich cuisine. If you'd like to try some French food, head over to La Belle Epoque. There are also several restaurants that serve Chinese or Lebanese cuisine.

Lome has an active bar scene, with several great places to visit. Some popular local drinks include Tchouk, a millet beer; Sodabe, a potent grain liquor; and Deha, which is a palm wine. 7Clash and Dekon are two of the most popular bars with visitors and are probably the safest to visit later at night. You'll also find an assortment of beach bars along the more popular tourist beaches.

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