Los Roques Port Guide


The Los Roques islands are about ninety miles from Caracas, Venezuela. This archipelago is made up of 340 small islands and reefs and is surrounded by pristine blue waters of the Caribbean. Declared as a national park by the government, regulations have been established to control the construction of buildings and other facilities that may mar the natural beauty of the islands. Because of this, tourists should not expect to see any docking facilities. From the cruise ship, passengers are ferried to the beach in small boats. There is no Los Roques port with modern conveniences. However, this lack is what makes the islands ideal for those who wish to enjoy only the best of what the sun and the beaches can offer.


Because the island group is largely undeveloped, shopping is definitely not one of the activities that tourists can enjoy while on any of the islets. This is surely not something that cruisers have in mind when they visit here anyway. Gran Roque, the largest of the islands, is where the only village is situated. Even this does not have a facility that can be considered as the Los Roques cruise port. However, it does have some inns and lodges, which attract many locals to set up small souvenir and seafood shops. Tourists can definitely find handicrafts and exotic seafood sold by vendors along the beaches and in the streets of Gran Roque village. For those who wish to shop for modern stuff, then the Venezuelan capital of Caracas is the pace to go.

Things to See

The entire island group is worth seeing. Tourists actually hop the islands to catch the sight of white sandy beaches, crystal waters, and the colorful marine life in the reefs. The beaches offer the tourists a great place for sunbathing because the sun in this part of the Caribbean is always out. The clear waters are a favorite among snorkeling enthusiasts with the reefs providing spectacle vistas. For those who really want to feel the wide variety of fishes and other marine creatures, the place is also one of the most preferred scuba diving spots in Latin America. Because there is not a Los Roques cruise terminal in the area, no structure can disturb the coral habitats; making it a safe haven for many fishes and other exotic marine animals.

Bars and Restaurants

Being a national park where restrictions in promoting businesses such as resorts and restaurants are in place, the archipelago is certainly not a place for barhopping partygoers. The Los Roques port of call, after all, is nothing but the small village in Gran Roque, which only has a few homey lodges and inns for tourists. These include the Posada Movida, Posada, Lagunita, Posada Acuarela, Vistalmar, and El Pelicano. However, these accommodations have small restaurants that never seem to run out of fresh seafood.  Small bars along Gran Roque’s beachfront also offer cocktail drinks. For those who would like to dine on a rare combination of Italian and Caribbean seafood fare, they should not miss Posada Acuarela’s restaurant. Another restaurant worth trying out is the El Muelle, which offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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