Maceió Port Guide

Maceio is the capital city of Alagoas state. It may be the tiniest city in Brazil but it is not an ordinary laid-back, small-town place; it is booming with tourist trade. The place has an abundance of hotels, restaurants and bars for tourists yet the best part is that there are no crowds.  

The city possesses a climate that is warm almost year round; thus it attracts tourists from colder climes of the north and south. Swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling are the main activities here. There are also cultural and historical places to visit.


Maceio is known for handicrafts and embroidery works which have colorful and have intricate designs. These never fail to attract the tourists.

Cheiro de Terra, located at 25000 Alvaro Otacilho St., is a large trade complex where visitors can buy beautiful souvenirs such as fine laces, woven clothes, mantels, curtains, jewelry and other affordably priced goods.

Handicraft shops are very abundant along the streets of Pontal da Barra; it is located along the shores of Lake Mandau. This main livelihood of this community is the production of handicrafts. The most popular goods sold here are laces, hammocks and ceramics. Aside from the products themselves, tourists find it interesting to watch women along the streets, weave their products.

Shops along Doutor Antonio Gouveia Avenue, and Antonio Cunha Avenue are good places to search for souvenirs as well.

Things to See

Maceio’s attractions are quite unlimited. Tourists are in for many treats.

Visitors enjoy the beauty of nature and watching exotic fishes swim; a boat trip to the Mouth of the Rio Sao Francisco enables visitors experience both of these at once.

The barrier reef at low tides creates the well known Natural Pools; it is necessary to arrive via boat. The water is deep emerald and is ideal for scuba diving. Surprisingly cocktail service is also offered.

Other boat trip will take you to Lake Mundau, which is known for its nine islands with natural channels. This trip is enough to occupy your time for a full day. There are many activities that visitors may participate in at this destination including swimming, hiking or just relaxing and enjoying the natural surroundings.

Marape Dunes offer away from the water activities. Here you can explore the white sand dunes.

The Village of Marechal Deodoro offers a glimpse of Brazil’s colonial past. The village is about 1.2 miles away from Maceio.

Visitors will find Praca Pedro Paulinho and its rich architectural designs from the century-past. Convento de Sao Francisco is an old convent which converted into a museum. It houses artifacts that depict Brazil’s religious history.

Restaurants and Bars

Canto da Boca, located in Jatiuca, is a seafood restaurant known for serving the local mollusk delicacy “sururu." This is expensive in Europe but cheaper in Brazil. The restaurant also served Brazilian cuisine, composed mainly of fish, crabs, lobster, shrimp and other seafood products.

Carne de Sol do Picu in Jaragua are not limited to serving Brazilian dishes. They also offer different cuisines such as oriental, Italian, Japanese and others.

Jaragua is Maceio’s popular nightlife area. The old buildings were converted into restaurants and bars. These establishments are located along the beach. Arena Dance Club, located along Rua Sa Albuquerque, is one of the famous bar in Jaragua. It usually contains a full house on Friday and Saturday nights.

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