Nazareth Port Guide

Nazareth Port takes visitors on an unforgettable trip. Located in the Sea of Galilee area, this is one of the most sacred sites in Christianity. Cruise ships at the Nazareth port of call arrive in Haifa. The cruise terminal in Haifa is fully equipped with a cafeteria, station for excursion buses, and currency changer. A rail station and bus station are both within easy walking distance of the terminal. Once in Nazareth, it's easy to get around on foot.


Like many Middle Eastern cities, Nazareth has an open-air market where local crafts can be purchased, as well as a vegetable market where fresh produce can be found. The open-air market is most active on Fridays. Casa Palestina has an ongoing exhibition of local crafts. Nazareth has some smaller, souvenir-oriented shops where tourists can find some nice items. The Cactus, next to Mary's Well, offers good souvenir items. The Mill of the Galilee sells fresh spices and oils.

Things to See

Nazareth has a number of sites associated with Jesus, being the place where he grew up and began his ministry. The Catholic Basilica of the Annunciation is often associated with the site of where the angel appeared to Mary. The Greek Orthodox Church of the Archangel Gabriel is also commonly associated with the Annunciation. The Franciscan Church of St. Joseph is built over a cave where Joseph was thought to have had his workshop. The Synagogue Church is Greek Catholic and associated with the synagogue that Jesus would have attended. El Mas-jad El Abiad is the oldest mosque in Nazareth and is open to visitors except during prayer times.

The Orthodox Museum is adjacent to the Greek Orthodox Church. It has a collection of items that are great examples of Orthodox art. Diwan El Lajun is a cultural center offering a wide variety of entertainment. Its offerings include folk dancing, folklore shows, poetry readings, and circus shows.

Mary's Well is also next to the site of an ancient bath house, most likely dating back to Roman times. Caretakers provide guided tours and refreshments. The Old City has some interesting homes, with some reflecting Venetian-like architecture. One is Folklore House, the home of the first mayor. The Saraya Building has been a government building since Ottoman times.

The Sea of Galilee has some beautiful, clean water and golden sand beaches. This makes the area a top destination for beachgoers.

Restaurants and Bars

Local specialties include shawarma, a pita sandwich stuffed with turkey, and falafel balls made from chickpeas. Several restaurants have these and other items good for visitors on the go. Casa Palestina has a pleasant little cafe. Al Bayat serves international fusion cuisine and has a patio bar. Live bands play on the patio. Diana's has some great shish kebobs and salads. Two of the favorite nightspots are The Bedouin Tent, which attracts a younger crowd, and Abu Noor's, very popular with local men.

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