North Seymour Port Guide

North Seymour Port is located in the picturesque island of Galapagos in Ecuador. Named after the English nobleman Lord Hugh Seymour, this Spanish speaking island is the home to the blue-footed boobies, the swallow-tailed gulls and a large number of frigate birds. North Seymour evolved from sub-marine lava formation along with seismic activity. It has low and bushy foliage.

There is public transportation to help you from the North Seymour cruise port and its nearby airport in Isla Baltra. Getting around the island can be done by hiking or by boat. Boats can also assist you in island hopping.


Owing to its relatively small land area of 0.7 miles, shopping is limited to food, supplies, pharmacies, and hardware, souvenir and gift items. North Seymour cruise terminal visitors are advised not to purchase handicrafts made with local natural resources since it is prohibited by the island authorities. A variety of shops await you in Puerto Ayora in Sta. Cruz Island and in Puerto Villamil in island of Isabela. The island’s capital of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno in San Cristobal is the best place to purchase the famous Galapagos coffee. There are also talented local craftsman who are happy to show you their works in Casa Blanca.

Things to See

The Galapagos Islands are famous for being the locale where Charles Darwin studied a number of endemic species which became a part of Darwin’s study on the evolution by natural selection. As such, it became popular destination to both professional and amateur natural historians. It’s beautiful natural landscape with its interesting flora and fauna made the island a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visitors of North Seymour port of call can explore the island via the 1.24 mile visitor trail which crosses the interior of the island to its rocky coast. As you traverse this path, blue footed boobies and frigate birds awaits you. Visitors are amazed at their peaceful co-existence; they share the same nesting areas. The blue footed boobies’ nests are made from the twigs of palo santos trees and are located on the ground, whereas the frigate birds nest above them in the saltbushes. The frigate birds also depend upon the fishing skills of the blue footed boobies in order to survive. You will be in awe as you witness the frigate birds rob fish from the blue footed boobies.  

Aside from these interesting birds, an excursion to the coast of Daphne Major and Minor is also a must. North Seymour port visitors are sure to enjoy a closer look at the sea lions as well as the marine iguanas amidst the coral and black lava rocks.  Watching the sea lions surfing the waves is entertaining as well.

Snorkeling and scuba diving are also rewarding activities on the island. North Seymour cruise terminal visitors will enjoy the astonishing white tipped reef sharks, triggerfish, surgeonfish and a variety of colorful fish near the surface. A diving expedition in the channel will bring you closer to Galapagos garden eels, moray eels and the rare diamond shaped golden mantra rays.

Restaurant and Bars

North Seymour port of call usually serves rice, beans and meat in the menu. Visitors can enjoy the nearby town of Puerto Baquerizo in the island of San Cristobal. Mockingbird Café makes delicious batido or milkshake. It is the ideal place to meet new friends and hearty conversation. Calypso in Plaza Civil offers burgers, sandwiches, pizzas and tempting deserts. If you are craving for seafood, La Playa is the place to be. Typical meals include a choice of chicken, fish, beef with beans or rice plus soup and juice; these are offered at Albacora or Bambu.

Guests can also bar hop in Puerto Baquerizo at night. Start from Polo’s bar, then dance in Iguana Rock and later on enjoy the late night pool at Voqui Bar.

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