Paranagua Port Guide

Paranagua port is Brazil’s major exporter of agricultural commodities sold in bulk. Annually, Paranagua port of call handles 2 million metric tons of Soya beans, 7 million tons of Soya pellets and 0.2 million metric tons of maize. These exports, affected through the “Grain Export Corridor Complex”, consist of 21 silos with a capacity of 760,000 metric tons. With the use of modern conveyor belts, transporting goods to the loading dock is easy and fast. 

The Paranagua cruise port is a part of this major port. Paranagua port is considered the sixth largest port in the world and the largest grain port in all of Latin America. Paranagua port is, overall, the second largest in Brazil (although in terms of grain exports, it is the first); it is a thriving commercial center that not only exports grains but coffee, hides, paper and cotton. 

Paranagua cruise terminal is located near major business centers and attractions in Paranagua Bay. The bay is home to a lagoon estuary which is considered the third most important in Brazil. This area is also rich in culture and traditions. Every year, hot summer months draw thousands of cruise tourists that contribute greatly to the economy of the region. 


Shopping in Paranagua is memorable because it is a distinctive experience. From local vegetables produced to handicraft items of bags and sweaters, the city offers several shopping destinations. The Brasilio Abud Market, built in 1982, offers a large variety of vegetables, bags and hand-painted clothes and t-shirts; all sold at affordable prices. The Brasilio is in honor of a former mayor of Paranagua. It is located next to the city market and is another shopping destination to see. The Handicrafts Market sells notable creations of local artisans and craftsmen.  Residing in a neo-renaissance style building, it was a former fish market remodeled as a handicrafts shop. 

Things to See

Paranagua is a city filled with wondrous natural attractions and sights. The beaches and coastal waters of Paranagua Bay are perfect for some sailing and boating. Coastal waters that remain calm and cool during the summer make a perfect spot for cruise tourists to do water sports such as scuba diving and swimming. It is highly recommended that tourists visit the Ilha do Mel, an unspoiled nature preserve that is about 30 minutes away by boat from Paranagua. There are monuments on the island; the Fort of Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres, built in 1767, and the Farol das Conchas, which is 180 foot high lighthouse, constructed in 1872. The island’s natural wonders include beaches of pure white sands and crystal-clear blue waters. Noteworthy beaches are the Ponta di Bicho, Praias da Farol and the Nova Brasilia. 

Restaurants and Bars

Fresh seafood and vegetables are primary ingredients in the main cuisine served by restaurants in the region. Cooked rice with sea fruit and tomatoes known locally as the “arroz lambe-lambe” is a typical dish served by most eateries and fine dining areas in Paranagua. Restaurants that boast of great dishes such as these are the Mar e Sol and the Fim da Trilha. The Bora-Bora Brasilia, on the other hand serves famous dishes of pasta and pizza. 

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