Parintins Port Guide

Located along the shores of the Amazon River in Brazil, the Parintins Port is strategically situated as a major port of call for cruise ships. The Parintins port of call is around 350 miles from the city of Manaus, Brazil; the small village of Parintins is almost 200 years old. Native Indians were the first settlers of the area. Culturally rich, the city is host to the famous Boi Bumba festival held every June.

Parintins cruise port considered as a large city locates itself to be home to almost 100,000 inhabitants. The city host folkloric presentations and theatrical dances greet the cruise passengers disembarking at the Parintins cruise terminal. 

The warm climate all year round makes the city a cruise destination for many cruise liners. The landscape upon arrival, however, is not particularly scenic; small houses and makeshift homes are the primary view from the deck of the cruise ship. People however are enticed by the warmth and hospitality of the locals in the small village and it encourages cruise passengers to patronize the festival and spread the word about Parintins. 


Cruise ships dock right in the middle of the downtown area of Parintins. Immediately accessible to the cruise passengers are shops and stores that sell local merchandise at affordable prices. The flea market that greets passengers at the immediate vicinity of downtown Parintins displays crafts of masks, handmade trinkets, beaded jewelries and paintings and woodwork. All these souvenir items are works of local artisans. 

A good place to consider visiting for some shopping is the Floating Market. Here you can find colorful boats that sell goods and items at low prices. Mask and trinkets souvenirs of the Boi Bumba Festival mood are the most popular items in the Floating market. 

Things to See

Rich in heritage and history, the Parintins is most famous for being the home of the Boi Bumba Festival. The festival initially started in the early 1900s. It began as a friendly competition between two local families in Parintins. Legends state the story involves a young woman, her husband and a bull. The Boi Bumba Festival draws hundreds of cruise tourists in the area as they are met with Boi Bumba dancers, music and dancing immediately upon disembarking at the Parintins

A tour of the city will take you past the BumboDromo where the annual festival is held every year. The stadium arena seats around 35,000 people. Its sole purpose is to host the Boi Bumba Festival. Other sights of interest are the Cathedral of Parintins and the Parintins waterfront. 

Restaurants and Bars

Limited resources are available for dining and eating in Parintins. Some cruise ships advise their passengers to dine in the cruise ship as the dishes served in local diners and eateries may not be safe. For those willing to try local cuisines, immediately accessed from the port of call are small eateries that serve seafood and meat dishes. 

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