Port Stanley Port Guide

Port Stanley, also known as Stanley, is the capital and the one true city of the Falkland Islands. It is the wettest part of the Isle of East Falkland, south of Stanley Harbor. This unique port is built on the north-facing slope of the island, across Stanley Harbor, and is a popular port of call for many cruise ships. Vessels mostly anchor in Falkland Sound, and the passengers are tendered through the Narrows to a small pier at the Stanley Harbor. Port Stanley is a beautiful island with pubs, tranquil gardens, and red mailboxes. Even though the climate of this region is temperate, it is generally cold, wet, and windy. In summer, the maximum temperature is around 75°F. 


There are many shops scattered around the three main streets running parallel to the harbor—Ross Road, Fitzroy Road, and John Street. Mainly woolen products and penguin paraphernalia are available here. Falk Lander sweaters, which are made from sheep wool, are very popular. The island’s postage stamps are rare and colorfully executed; therefore, they are very important purchases for the tourists. You can buy them from the Philatelic Center, adjacent to the post office. There are stylish boutiques at the Main Street. Many of the historic buildings are now converted into various shops, galleries, and restaurants. For a good selection of handicrafts, visit Artsy Girl. From the gift shops around the Camp, you can buy leather goods, semi-precious stones, jewelry, pretty opaque pebbles, and woolen garments. Wooden souvenirs crafted from salvaged shipwrecks and driftwood, seascapes by local artists, coins, and medallions are among the very popular purchases. 

Things to See 

There are golf courses in Kettle Creek Golf & Country Club and in the Bluffs of the Port Stanley Golf Club. The Christ Church Cathedral and the Whalebone Arch are located near the harbor. The Whalebone Arch was erected in 1933 to celebrate 100 years of British rule. Here, you can learn about the island’s history and origin. An antique train offers rides in its open cars along the countryside to St. Thomas and back. Do not miss the interesting visit to the grape and fruit wineries. Bird watchers love Hawk Cliff, which is one of the best places for a rendezvous with monarch butterflies and migrating raptors. Do not miss the chance to watch penguins, especially the Gentoo, King, and Magellenic penguins, in the Bluff Cove. There are historic maritime artifacts and exhibits from the past and the present day in the Britannia House Museum. By taking a walk through the Cape Pembroke Birding Walk, you get to the see a restored 19th century lighthouse and also many species of birds, including albatross, grebe, hawk, petrel, pipit, Magellanic snipes, and peregrine falcons. 

Restaurants and Bars 

In the Globe, opposite the jetty, you get fish and chips, chips with gravy, bangers and mash, and British ale. The Brasserie serves a continental menu with steaks, seafood, and fish. GT is a local bar on the main public beach, where you can enjoy not only lunch/dinner/cocktails, but also a game of beach volleyball. The bars at Suite 106 and Wetbar are highly popular.

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