Port Williams Port Guide

Port Williams Port or Puerto Williams in Spanish is a Chilean port. It is situated on Isla Navarino in front of the Beagle Channel. Port Williams is one of the four provinces situated in the Magellan and Chilean Antartica Region. It is sometimes considered the world’s southernmost city. Ushuaia, situated on the opposite and northern side of the Beagle Channel, disputes this title.

Port Williams is mayor hub for scientific activities associated with Antarctica and the islands located south of Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego. The Chilean Navy runs the city’s hospital, airport and some close by meteorological stations.

It was named after John Williams Wilson who founded Fuerte Bulnes, however, Port Williams was originally named Puerto Luisa. It has served mainly as a naval base since it was founded in 1953.

According to the Koppen climate classification, Port Williams has a subpolar oceanic climate. They have short, cool summers and long, wet winters. In a year, rainfalls are approximately 118 inches and the temperatures are stable all year round. Sometimes snowfall happens even in the summer.


It is very likely that you can purchase varied products in all kinds of stores in Chile. You can find huge malls and shopping centers in the bigger cities but you can also find smaller, specialized stores. Crafts change from one region to another because of the varied cultural and artistic traditions across the country. Specialized shops for climbing, camping and other outdoor sports can be found in Santiago and in the key centers where the sports are practiced.

Port Williams has very limited shopping opportunities. There is a bank with an ATM and Internet café in the Centro Commercial. The internet doesn’t work often. There is also a post office in this part of town.

Things to See

The Museum Martin Gusinde is a modern structure which tells the region’s history starting from the Fuegian Indians. The Yacht Club Micalvi is where the explorers from Cape Horn or Antarctica meet. This is also the only nightlife in Puerto Williams.

Cycling along the coast road is also a great experience where you can see information plaques pointing out ancient camping sites of the Yamana and giving details about their hunting techniques and customs. There are also a lot of bird watching opportunities. The lakes on the airport road are great for bird watching in the morning and evenings. Parque Etnobotonico Omoro is an educational trail where you can see information places regarding the flora and fauna. Hiking to the Cerro Bandera begins at the Virgin statue in the middle of the airport road and town. When you reach the peak, you will see marvelous views of the town and the Circuito de los Dientes.  

Restaurants and Bars

A small restaurant called Dientes de Navarino offers great food. They have homemade vegetable broth, beef steak with potatoes, green beans and salad on their menu. Yacht Club Micalvi is Puerto Williams only nightlife. It was formerly a navy supply ship now with a bar that is open at 10pm. Pinguino Pub is located at the Centro Commercial. 

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