Porto Belo Port Guide

Porto Belo Port is situated on Rio de Janeiro’s south on the Atlantic Ocean. Porto Belo was just a small fishing village in the 18th century. Christopher Columbus named it Porto Belo which means ‘beautiful port’. Most of its residents are from the Azores Islands which are Portuguese descendants. Porto Belo is the most picturesque part of the Emerald Coast.

The main attraction of the region is the Island of Porto Belo. It has a small beach with huge stones around the beach. There are a few beach bars where you can stop for cold drinks while walking.

Porto Belo Port is a tender port. Cruise ships will anchor outside Porto Belo and tender into the town’s yacht harbor. From the port, you have to take a 10-minute shuttle ride to the main square.

Porto Belo is blessed with a tropical weather all year round. The temperatures are between 75 and 90 degrees. If you’re planning on visiting any time soon, make sure to use a lot of sunscreen. The average rain per month is 4 to 5 inches during the summer months which are from November to April.

The town of Porto Belo is quite charming but it’s the beach communities which are the focal point of a visit.


Shopping opportunities by the quay designated for tenders is limited. Visitors will appreciate the free transportation available to downtown Porto Belo for more stores and shops. Porto Belo’s main square is filled with little shops and vendors offering different crafts and items. The major beach communities, Bombinas and Bombas, have a lot of shopping opportunities.

The shops and stores in Porto Belo sells wood carvings, local crafts, beach clothes, locally crafted custom jewelry, extraordinary items and local crafts. You will find everything you want for beach activities at the stores in the beach communities.

Things to See

The main attractions in Porto Belo are the fabulous beaches.

Bombas Beach is the nearest to town and is quite packed. It’s a beautiful beach that cruise lines use for beach excursions. Beach services are complete including bars, restaurants and beach activities.

Bombinhas Beach is situated a bit past Bombas Beach. Though it is more secluded, it is still very crowded. The beach also has bars, restaurants, shops and stores. Its main street has a lot of shopping opportunities for tourists.

Quatro Ilhas Beach is just a short walk from Bombinhas Beach. Few tourists come here and it is less crowded. The water is also much cleaner here.

Mariscal Beach is perfect for those looking for a more remote beach away from the tourist racket.

Restaurants and Bars

Casa do Camaraw, which is Portuguese for House of Shrimp, is a restaurant located on Quatro Ilhas Beach. You will enjoy great seafood dishes and Chilean wine here as well as the restaurant’s shrimp specialty. The price is not expensive and the food is magnificent.

Several beach bars can be found along the beautiful beaches if you’re looking for something to drink. 

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