Puerto Chacabuco Port Guide

Puerto Chacabuco Port located in Puerto Chacabuco, Chile is an Aisen commune. Found at the head of the Aisen Fjord. The town is a main port of the region where cruise ships and cargo vessels dock to trade and do business. Most ships that dock in the Puerto Chacabuco port of call sail to the nearby Laguna San Rafael National Park. The main port of the Aisen region was relocated to the Puerto Chacabuco after the fires of the Patagonian forests and the eruption of Mount Hudson at the previous location at Puerto Aisen

The Puerto Chacabuco cruise terminal booms during the summer months as cruise ships offer tours along the Aisen River. The pristine natural settings that surround the Puerto Chacabuco cruise port make it a viable port of call for cruises. The dense forests and clear blue waters are a result of a continued commitment to protect the environment; the area lacks modernization.  

Puerto Chacabuco is a small village whose progress is slow due to its limited accessibility in terms of road and land access. The beauty and splendor however of the untouched regions of Puerto Chacabuco port makes one wonder about the evolution of nature and the environment in other parts of the country. 


A small village, with no distinct town center, Puerto Chacabuco offers little options when it comes to shopping. Small stalls and kiosks available on the port terminal offer little souvenir items and gifts. For more intent shopping however, a trip to the nearest city of Coyhaique (around 38 miles) would be the best option. In Coyhaique, you can find a wide variety of shopping option that sell fashion accessories, native arts and handicrafts and leather and wood carvings. Stores that sell these goods in Coyhaique are the Manos Azules and the Feria Artesanal. 

Things to See

In a land that remains uncultivated and unharmed by modernization, the flora and fauna found in Puerto Chacabuco are bountiful. A hike along the river and forest of the Parque Aiken Del Sur would be the perfect way to get to appreciate the glory and splendor of this untouched region of the planet. A good idea to consider for some nature tip is a flight-seeing journey in the Laguna San Rafael National Park that houses rare species of flowers, plants and animals including elephant seals and Chilean dolphins. This 4.2 million acre park is a remarkable sight.  The lagoon was created by the retreating San Rafael Glacier. The park also features a 10 mile fjord.

A visit to Coyhaique means a visit to the Patagonia Museum that displays various arts and crafts of local tribes that settled in the area. Other areas of interest in Coyhaique are the Rio Simpson National Reserve and the town of Puerto Aysen. 

Restaurants and Bars

Limited options for dining are available in Puerto Chacabuco. A trip to Coyhaique is required to avail of fine dining opportunities and good classic cuisines served by locals. Choices range from the Café Oriente, Café Ricer and the Cafeteria Alemana. Cuisines involve ingredients of seafood products such as squid, shrimps and shells, which abound the coast of the Puerto Chacabuco. 

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