Puerto Madryn Port Guide

Puerto Madryn port is a deep water port, and the cruise ships dock at Alte. Storni Pier, 4 miles from downtown Puerto Madryn cruise port is in the northeastern side of Chubut province, which is about 860 miles south of Buenos Aires. This is a popular destination, as it is a gateway to the Peninsula of Valdes—the biggest wildlife sanctuary in the world. The calm, clear waters provide excellent conditions for viewing the subtropical species of flora and fauna that abundantly thrive underwater. Puerto Madryn enjoys a hot/temperate climate. In summer, the temperature can go up to 95°F.


Shopping options are somewhat limited in Puerto Madryn. Avenida Julio Roca is the main shopping area. There are many shops along the streets that sell leather goods, diving equipment, T-shirts, and souvenirs of Patagonia and its wildlife. At the end of the street, a well-stocked shopping plaza offers a wide selection of products. There is a good selection of good jewelry and leather goods available in these shops, even though the prices are high compared to the other shops in Buenos Aires. This is a good place to buy penguin souvenirs. Taking a walk along the coastal boulevard is a good way to take in the sea views and shopping. For handicrafts, pay a visit to Zona Austral at Av. Julio A. Roca. Saos-Chocolates Peninsula and La Abuela Dorotea nearby sell chocolates and smoked products.

Things to See

Puerto Madryn is famous for its wildlife preserves; so, you get to enjoy fauna in their natural habitats while here. Just 30 minutes from the city, toward the south, is Puntas Madryn. This small cliff point is home to hundreds of sea lions. The Paleontology Museum in Trelew displays an amazing collection of fossils, many of them excavated from Argentina itself. Even though it is not in use these days, the narrow gauge railroad station has been converted into a museum. Pay a visit to the little town of Gaiman, which still retains its Welsh charm. Punta Delgada and Punta Loma are two of the areas where you can find sea lions, elephant seals, guanacos, and nesting cormorants. In Punta Tombo Penguin Rookery, you get to see thousands of penguins up close in the largest penguin nesting ground in South America. The fearlessness of these birds in human presence gives you an opportunity to walk among them. Take a 2-hour drive from Puerto Madryn to the Reserva Faunistica Peninsula Valdes. You can see not only the sea lions and elephant seals, but also guanacos, rheas, Magellanic Penguins, and many other varieties of sea birds. The Museum of Oceanology, which displays the Patagonian flora and fauna, is housed in the heritage building, Chalet Pujol. The building offers a splendid view from its loft and also serves as a library.

Restaurants and Bars

The smoked venison, wild boar, trout, seafood, lamb, beef, pasta, and berry desserts of Terraza Restaurante are popular dishes. Los Colonos is a place that serves great seafood, meat, chicken, and pork.

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