Salalah Port Guide

Salalah Port is a major historical center in Oman. Some of the historical figures associated with this city include the father of the Virgin Mary, the Queen of Sheba, and Job. The climate is mostly temperate, making this a pleasant place to visit just about all year. Cruise ships coming into the Salalah port of call dock in the commercial area. The best way to reach town is by transportation provided by the cruise line or a taxi. Taxis here are often shared, but you can book the whole taxi just for you and/or your party. English is widely understood and spoken.


A souk (open-air marketplace) is located in Haffa, the old city. Bargaining is to be expected when buying here. Some of the things you can buy include souvenirs and locally-made incense, especially frankincense. Myrrh is another popular incense. If it fits your budget, you'll also want to consider jewelry made from Omani silver.

The mall is called Centrepoint. The stores in this mall specialize in home furnishings and clothing. One of the more popular department stores is Lulu. The first floor is set up like an American supermarket, and the second floor is like a department store.

Things to See

Salalah's climate makes visiting the beaches very pleasant. The water temperature is consistently warm all year. The clear water makes scuba diving especially enjoyable. Currents are strong, though, which makes swimming a less well-recommended activity. Birdwatchers can get a good opportunity to witness several bird species that migrate through here. An interesting natural wonder is the Mughsail Blowholes. Pressure often forces sea water up through the holes.

Job's Tomb is located in a scenic area with a lot of photo opportunities. The tomb itself is a Muslim holy site, so certain customs are followed to show appropriate respect. Women must cover their heads before going inside, and shoes must be removed. Photos are permitted both inside and outside.

Al-Baleed Archaeological Park is an excellent place for history lovers. Artifacts dating back to 2000 B.C. have been found here. The largest known structures have all been unearthed so that visitors can see them. The Museum of the Frankincense Land is located on the same property and included in the admission.

Haffa, the old city, has a number of buildings that are hundreds of years old. One of the most commonly visited locations is the Sultan Qaboos' Palace.

Restaurants and Bars

Salalah has several places to eat at. Ba'albek is a good Lebanese restaurant with great hospitality. In addition to authentic Lebanese food, they provide vegetable trays as appetizers and serve tea with fresh watermelon after meals. If a greater variety of food is more to your liking, Hassan Bin Thabit Restaurant is right for you. Besides Arabic food, they also serve Indian, Chinese, and Continental dishes.

Alcohol service is somewhat limited, and restricted to non-Muslims. The bar closest to the port is Oasis Club, and another, Woodlands, is near the airport.

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