Sao Paulo Port FAQ

Sao Paulo Port in Brazil is widely developed, being one of the busiest container terminals in South America. It did not always hold this level of recognition though and in fact, there were hardly any ships that docked here before the nineteenth century. Today, the port also plays an important role in the region’s distinct coffee industry and serves as a gateway to the country’s richest city.

The capital of Sao Paulo is also named after the state and often creates confusion among travelers because of the location of the state port. Here are some of the Sao Paulo cruise terminal FAQs which may help with a few embarkation procedures.

1. What's the Cruise Port Address?

The state of Sao Paulo’s cruise terminal is not located in the capital city but in the municipality of Santos, located further south. Porto de Santos is located on Avenida Rodrigues, fronting the Estuario de Santos.

2. What's the Cruise Port Phone Number?

(13) 3233-6565 phone
(13) 3233-3080 fax

3. How do You get to the Cruise Port?

Public transport from Sao Paulo City will usually arrive in Santos’ commercial district. From there, travelers can take Av. Siqueira Campos turn left on Av. Afonso Pena and right on Av. Nebias, which intersects Av. Rodrigues Alves. The port is just to the far end of this street.

4. What is the Cruise Port Parking Like?

The port of Santos gets busy when shipments arrive so travelers should get parking directions from the entrance. There are nearby parking lots that travelers can use while on their cruise. The average fee is $20 a day.

5. What Cruise Lines use the Port?

Cruise lines that use the port in the state of Sao Paulo include Royal Caribbean Lines, Costa Cruises and Oceania Cruises.

6. What's the Nearest Airport to the Cruise Port?

Guarulhos International Airport is 75 km from the port of Santos. It is located in the city of Guarulhos, about 1 to 2 hours drive to the port. There are two public transport options from the airport: airport service and city bus.

7. What Attractions are Near the Cruise Port?

The Dock Museum is located on the same street as the port and will inform guests about the coffee industry in the nineteenth century. Travelers may also take a tour of the historic downtown area which is just passed the Coffee Museum. The tour takes about 15 minutes on board a historic tram.

Other points of interests in Santos City include the Church of Embare with its Gothic style, the Aquarium near the coast and the Monte Serrat Hill where one can get a good view of the whole city.

8. What Hotels are Near the Cruise Port?

Travelers who want to freshen up at the city of Santos before or after embarking their cruise can make reservations at Mendes Panorama Hotel, Parque Balneario Hotel, Hotel Ritz or at the Parthenon Cosmopolitan Praia which are all closely huddled near the coast. Those who are looking for accommodations located more inland can check the Anonimato Hotel.

While those who want who want to take a respite after or before flights can stay at the numerous hotels in the capital city of Sao Paulo. These include Tryp Paulista Hotel, Renaissance, Quality Hotel Jardins and the Comfort Hotel Downtown.

9. What Restaurants and Shops are Near the Cruise Port?

Restaurante Vasques, Tsunami and Big Pizza are closer to the port than other restaurants in the city. Those near the coast include La Recoleta an Argentinean restaurant, Tertulha and Vista ao Mar which serves paella.

10. Are Ships Docked at the Port, or are Passengers Ferried from the Port to the Ship?

Cruise ships are docked directly at the port of Santos City.

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