Sokhna Port Guide

Sokhna Port has a long history of being a getaway for Egyptians, and has increasingly gained popularity with passengers on Red Sea cruises. The Sokhna port of call is an inviting place to visit at any time of year due to the climate. Many of the more popular attractions are within easy walking distance of the Sokhna cruise terminal. Tour vans stop to pick passengers up on a fairly regular schedule, and taxis are very easily accessible.


A lot of stores specialize in typical souvenir items, like T-shirts. However, the local handicrafts are the items most in demand. Many local crafters are experts in making jewelry, pottery, and leather items such as handbags. Womens' clothing is another item made locally that's in high demand.

Two indoor bazaars are found in the area. One is at the Porto Sokhna Resort, the other at the famous Movenpick Resort. Both bazaaars are good places to find special gifts for your family. If you're looking for a more varied shopping experience, Cairo is about an hour away.

Things to See

The Sokhna area is an excellent place for those interested in exploring early centers of Christianity, as this part of Egypt has several. St. Anthony's Cave goes back to the time of the first desert hermits who Christianized Egypt. The quiet atmosphere makes it an ideal place to see wildlife. The oldest Christian monasteries were designed like self-sustaining towns, and two are found in this area: St. Paul's and St. Anthony's. St. Paul's has its own mill and 3 churches, while St. Anthony's has gardens, a bakery, five churches, and an extensive library.

The beaches are one of the most popular attractions, and some of the resorts allow non-guests daytime access to their beaches. Sailing is a popular activity here, and sports fishing enthusiasts will find good places to fish. The local marine life provides interesting opportunities for snorkelers.

If ancient history is one of your passions, you'll be pleased to know that Cairo is a little over an hour away. Cairo is one of the main destinations for visitors arriving at this port. To get the most out of your trip, you can catch a Cairo-bound tour bus right at the cruise terminal. The guided tours are your best option, since the guides know how to get you to the various temples and pyramids in the allotted time.

Restaurants and Bars

Sokhna's restaurant choices range from elegant, high-end restaurants to popular American fast-food chains. The Dome Marina hosts two popular restaurants, Bouillabaisse and Il Duomo. Il Duomo offers some good, authentic Italian food. Bouillabaisse lets patrons take advantage of the good seafood in the area.

Beachside bars are a popular place for locals and visitors to gather, and the Dome Marina area also has popular bars. The Portrait Hotel has a popular bar that boasts a nice sea view. The Movenpick Hotel has a very active bar in its casino area.

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